• NBC10 Responds Jan 11

    Watch Out for Scam Impacting Your Mobile Device

    If your phone stops working or you get pop-up message that says your sim card has been activated on a new device, you may be the target of a scam. NBC10 Responds reporter Harry Hairston breaks down what this type of targeted hack could look like and how to protect yourself against it.

  • Los Angeles Aug 16, 2019

    No Joke! FCC Fines Networks for Wrongly Using Emergency Alert System

    Jimmy Kimmel has learned an expensive lesson: don’t mess with the government’s emergency alert system. Kimmel’s network, ABC, was one of four media organizations fined by the Federal Communications Commission this week for improper use of the emergency signal that is sent over television, radio and mobile phones to warn people of danger like floods and fires. The $395,000 fine...

  • Donald Trump Jun 2, 2019

    China Blames US for Trade Dispute, ‘Unacceptable Demands'

    China issued a report Sunday blaming the United States for the countries’ trade dispute and said it won’t back down on “major issues of principle,” but offered no clarification about what additional steps it might take to up the ante. The report from the Cabinet spokesman’s office said China has kept its word throughout 11 rounds of talks and will...

  • United States May 11, 2019

    Out of Our Element: 5 Things to Know About Helium During the Global Shortage

    A global helium shortage is popping a giant hole in Party City’s sales, forcing the retailer to close 45 stores across the United States. Here are some must-know facts about everyone’s favorite noble gas.

  • May 11, 2019

    Helium Shortage Hurting Party Stores and More

    Helium is the universe’s 2nd most abundant element, but there’s a major shortage. How it could affect parties, smartphones and more.

  • PRESIDENT Dec 7, 2018

    Elian González Joins Twitter On His 25th Birthday

    Elian González Brotóns, the man who was once at the center of a major custody battle which involved the U.S. and Cuban governments, has joined Twitter.

  • Donald Trump Dec 5, 2018

    Cuba to Begin Full Internet Access for Mobile Phones

    Cuba says its citizens will be offered full internet access on mobile phones beginning Thursday, becoming one of the last nations to do so.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Oct 22, 2018

    NBC10 Responds: How to Deal With Robocalls

    Any minute now there’s a good chance your cell phone will ring and it might not be someone you want to speak with. Odds are it’s a robocall. We all get them and they seem to be on the rise.

  • Ambassador Oct 20, 2018

    A Timeline of Saudi Statements on the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

    The official Saudi statements on the fate of journalist Jamal Khashoggi have changed several times since he mysteriously disappeared after entering his country’s consulate in Istanbul earlier this month. The latest announcement on Saturday, declaring that Khashoggi had died in a “fistfight” with officials that came to see him there, increased criticism over Saudi’s handling of the case and concern...

  • Donald Trump Oct 3, 2018

    Emergency Alert Test Sounds Off on Mobile Phones Nationwide

    Electronic devices across the United States sounded off Wednesday as the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted its first-ever national wireless emergency alert test. The tone went off at 2:18 p.m. EDT. The subject of the alert read: “Presidential Alert” and text said: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

  • New York Jun 18, 2018

    Apple Sets Up iPhones to Relay Location for 911 Calls

    Apple is trying to drag the U.S.’s antiquated system for handling 911 calls into the 21st century.
    If it lives up to Apple’s promise, the iPhone’s next operating system will automatically deliver quicker and more reliable information pinpointing the location of 911 calls to about 6,300 emergency response centers in the U.S.

  • Instagram Mar 19, 2018

    Lindsey Vonn's Pics Capture Olympic Spirit at Closing Ceremony

    American Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy and Pita Taufatofua, the shirtless Tongan flag bearer and cross-country skier, posed for photos and selfies on Sunday at the 2018 Winter Olympics’ Closing Ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea. “Wow, what an amazing night!” Vonn, who won a bronze medal in the downhill event, wrote on Instagram. “Loved the energy that…

  • United States Jan 14, 2018

    What Should You Do in Case of Nuclear Attack? ‘Don't Run. Get Inside'

    On Saturday, residents in Hawaii were sent into a panic when they received alerts on their mobile phones and televisions warning that a ballistic missile was on its way. The warning, which claimed “this is not a drill,” quickly prompted officials to say minutes later that it was sent in error, but what should you do in case of a...

  • Facebook Oct 12, 2017

    Emergency Alerts Scrutinized After Fast-Moving Fires Raze Entire Northern California Neighborhoods

    Communities in wildfire-prone Northern California have an array of emergency systems designed to alert residents of danger: text messages, phone calls, emails and tweets. But after days of raging blazes left at least 23 dead, authorities said those methods will be assessed after some residents complained those warnings never got through. The fast-moving fires, strengthened by fierce winds and nearly...

  • WCAU Sep 12, 2017

    The End of Pennsylvania Turnpike Call Boxes

    The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is removing all of the yellow emergency call boxes from the shoulder of the highway. Officials say 1,000 boxes are now obsolete as most drivers rely on mobile phones. Drivers should dial *11 on their phones to report an accident or emergency.

  • JUDGE Jul 21, 2017

    Exhumation of Dali's Remains Finds His Mustache Still Intact

    Forensic experts in Spain have removed hair, nails and two long bones from Salvador Dali’s embalmed remains to aid a court-ordered paternity test that may enable a woman who says she is the surrealist artist’s daughter to claim part of Dali’s vast estate. Officials said Friday that the artist’s mummified remains were so well preserved that even his famous mustache...

  • Donald Trump Jun 15, 2017

    Australian PM Mocks President Trump in Leaked Audio

    Australia’s prime minister said he was disappointed that excerpts of an off-the-record speech he gave at Parliament House parodying President Donald Trump were broadcast by a television network on Thursday. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made fun of both Trump and the Australian government’s dismal opinion polls during a lighthearted speech on Wednesday night at an annual ball hosted by the...

  • Philadelphia Mar 3, 2017

    HHGregg to Close 88 Stores Nationwide

    Struggling appliance and electronic retailer HHGregg announced Thursday it is planning to close 88 “underperforming” stores nationwide. The Indianapolis-based company also said it is closing three distribution and delivery centers located in Brandywine, Maryland, Miami, Florida, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • cellular telephone Nov 15, 2016

    Depression Worsening in Teens, Especially Girls

    More and more teens say they’ve had serious depression, researchers reported Monday. But more are not being treated for it. The troubling trend suggests doctors are afraid to ask about and treat depression, which is a major cause of suicide, the researchers said. And they say it’s important to find out why rates are up. “The 12-month prevalence of major...

  • attorney Aug 29, 2016

    Feds Charge Dozens of Southern California Postal Workers

    Federal prosecutors in Southern California have charged dozens of postal workers and others with theft, fraud and other crimes — including a mail carrier who allegedly hoarded 48,000 pieces of mail.

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