Mississippi River

  • head Oct 29, 2019

    Missouri Health Department Tracked Planned Parenthood Patients' Periods

    Missouri’s health department director on Tuesday said he tracked the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients as part of an effort to identify what the agency says were “failed abortions” at a St. Louis clinic. Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams made the revelation during the second day of an administrative hearing to determine whether Missouri’s only...

  • Associated Press Sep 9, 2019

    Share of Women Seeking Out-Of-State Abortions Increases

    At a routine ultrasound when she was five months pregnant, Hevan Lunsford began to panic when the technician took longer than normal, then told her she would need to see a specialist. Lunsford, a nurse in Alabama, knew it was serious and begged for an appointment the next day. That’s when the doctor gave her and her husband the heart-wrenching...

  • Florida Aug 31, 2019

    Hurricane Dorian Wouldn't Be South Florida's First Labor Day Hurricane – A Look at Hurricanes Past

    Hurricane Dorian isn’t the first hurricane expected to aim at South Florida over Labor Day. Some of the state’s biggest storms have hit Florida around this time, causing destruction and changing the way the area looks today. The holiday falls in the middle of peak hurricane season.

  • Donald Trump Aug 11, 2019

    States Boost Flood Protection Amid High Disaster Costs

    After devastating flooding this year, Iowa put $15 million into a special fund to help local governments recover and guard against future floods. Missouri allotted more money to fight rising waters, including $2 million to help buy a moveable floodwall for a historic Mississippi River town that’s faced flooding in all but one of the past 20 years. In Arkansas,...

  • Mexico Aug 1, 2019

    Did Hurricane Barry Prevent a Near-Record ‘Dead Zone'?

    Scientists are back from measuring the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” where there’s too little oxygen to sustain marine life in a large underwater area starting at the sea floor.

  • Associated Press Jul 15, 2019

    Barry's Flood Threat Lingers as Storm Slowly Sweeps Inland

    Tropical Depression Barry dumped rain as it slowly swept inland through Gulf Coast states Sunday, sparing New Orleans from a direct hit but stoking fears elsewhere of flooding, tornadoes, and prolonged power outages. Though the system was downgraded to a tropical depression Sunday afternoon and its winds were steadily weakening since it made landfall Saturday in Louisiana, Barry’s rain bands...

  • California Jul 14, 2019

    Barry, Now a Hurricane, Already Causing Problems

    Hurricane Barry is inching closer to land and already causing flooding and power outages across Louisiana.

  • Donald Trump Jul 14, 2019

    Barry Makes Louisiana Landfall; Downgraded to Tropical Storm

    Barry rolled into the Louisiana coast Saturday, flooding highways, forcing people to scramble to rooftops and dumping heavy rain that officials had feared could test the levees and pumps that were bolstered after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. After briefly becoming a Category 1 hurricane, the system weakened to a tropical storm as it made landfall near Intracoastal...

  • California Jul 13, 2019

    Tropical Storm Barry's Rain and Floods Hammer Gulf Environment

    Tropical Storm Barry could affect the environment of the Gulf coast and Lower Mississippi Valley in numerous ways, from accelerating runoff of farmland nutrients to toppling trees and damaging wildlife habitat and fisheries, scientists say. But the extent of the damage — and whether it will be at least partially offset by benefits such as disruption of the notorious Gulf...

  • Governor Jul 13, 2019

    ‘It's Powerful': Tropical Storm Starts Lashing Louisiana

    Homeowners sandbagged their doors and tourists trying to get out of town jammed the airport Friday as Tropical Storm Barry began rolling in, threatening an epic drenching that could test how well New Orleans has strengthened its flood protections in the 14 years since Hurricane Katrina. With the storm expected to blow ashore early Saturday near Morgan City as the...

  • Governor Jul 12, 2019

    New Orleans Area Braces for First Hurricane of the Season

    Thousands of Louisianans broke out sandbags or fled to higher ground Thursday as Tropical Storm Barry threatened to turn into the first hurricane of the season and blow ashore with torrential rains that could pose a severe test of New Orleans’ improved post-Katrina flood defenses . National Guard troops and rescue crews in high-water vehicles took up positions around the...

  • Governor Jul 11, 2019

    Tropical Storm Barry Could Become First Atlantic Hurricane of the Season

    Tropical Storm Barry is already flooding parts of New Orleans and is expected to intensify as it moves over land this weekend.

  • Facebook Jun 24, 2019

    Florida Deputy ‘Detains' Tortoise For Blocking Roadway, Releases Him After Warning and a Selfie

    The tortoise, identified as “Gopherus Genus”, was detained and – after a heartfelt conversation between the two – was released by Fontenot with a warning.

  • attorney Jun 5, 2019

    In Court Hearing for Lone Missouri Abortion Clinic, Missouri Official Stresses Safety Over Abortion Access

    Patient safety takes priority over access to abortion, Missouri’s health department director said Wednesday after a court hearing on an effort by the state’s only abortion clinic to keep operating. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams spoke to reporters after a court hearing on Planned Parenthood’s request for a preliminary injunction that would retain its license...

  • attorney Jun 5, 2019

    Doctor Testimony Not Needed in Missouri Abortion Case: Judge

    A St. Louis judge ruled Tuesday that testimony from non-staff doctors at Missouri’s only abortion clinic will not be necessary for a hearing that will determine if the clinic can remain open. Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer agreed to throw out subpoenas for four doctors who worked briefly at the Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis during their training. Stelzer’s ruling...

  • California Jun 1, 2019

    Frustration Over Disaster Aid Grows as House Delays Funding — Again

    Americans along the Arkansas River are facing a slow-motion disaster as flooding inundates and displaces communities, causing millions in damage and mirroring havoc experienced in the Midwest, NBC News reports. Fourteen people have died because of the historic floods that stretch from Arkansas and Oklahoma to Iowa and the Dakotas. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers have burst through levees, destroyed...

  • Facebook May 23, 2019

    3 Dead, State Capital Battered as Storms Rake Missouri

    An outbreak of nasty storms spawned tornadoes that razed homes, flattened trees, tossed cars across a dealership lot and injured several people in Missouri’s capital city and killed at least three others elsewhere in the state. The National Weather Service confirmed that a large and destructive twister moved over Jefferson City shortly before midnight Wednesday. The tornado cut a path...

  • Facebook May 23, 2019

    Tornadoes, Severe Storms Sweep Missouri, Killing 3

    Three people died and two dozen others were injured in Missouri overnight after severe storms and tornadoes touched down on the state, ripping apart cars, homes and businesses. Meanwhile, storms and floods have swelled rivers and endangered other states in the Midwest.

  • Donald Trump Mar 28, 2019

    2020 Hopeful Amy Klobuchar Pitches $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

    Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is pitching an infrastructure plan she says will provide $1 trillion to fix roads and bridges, protect against flooding and rebuild schools, airports and other projects. The plan announced Thursday is the first policy proposal from the Minnesota senator since she joined the 2020 race with a snowy rally not far from where the Interstate...

  • Minnesota Mar 17, 2019

    More Evacuations in Midwest as Floodwaters Head Downstream

    Residents in parts of southwestern Iowa were forced out of their homes Sunday as a torrent of Missouri River water flowed over and through levees. Heavy rainfall and snowmelt have led to dangerously high water in creeks and rivers across several Midwestern states, with the Missouri River hitting record-high levels in many areas. At least two deaths were blamed on...

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