• Philadelphia Jun 7

    Philadelphia Gas Works Plans to Cut Methane Emissions 80% by 2050. Is It Enough?

    Philadelphia Gas Works announced a plan to replace decades-old pipes buried across the city to stop harmful methane gas from bleeding into the air.

  • Donald Trump Aug 30, 2019

    Politics of Climate Change Put Corporations in Tough Spot

    The polarizing politics of climate change have forced companies to choose between supporting the Trump administration’s deregulation policies that could boost profits or opposing them to win over environmentally conscious consumers. That dynamic played out again Thursday when President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency sought to revoke regulations on methane gas emissions from oil facilities. British Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Royal...

  • Florida Aug 8, 2019

    Florida Woman Says Toilet Explodes After Lightning Strike

    A Florida woman says lightning destroyed her septic tank and caused a toilet in her house to explode.

  • California Sep 19, 2018

    Trump Rolls Back Pollution Rules for Drilling on US Lands

    The Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era rule meant to curb climate-changing pollution on Tuesday, easing restrictions on energy companies that allow huge volumes of natural gas to escape after drilling it from U.S. lands. The move replaces a 2016 rule adopted under President Barack Obama that forced energy companies to capture methane, a key contributor to climate change. The...

  • spokeswoman May 24, 2018

    Hawaii Volcano Produces Methane and ‘Eerie' Blue Flames

    Scientists in Hawaii have captured rare images of blue flames burning from cracks in the pavement as Kilauea volcano gushes fountains of lava in the background, offering a look at a new dimension in the volcano’s weeks-long eruption. The volcano produces methane when hot lava buries and burns plants and trees. The gas flows through the ground and up through...

  • attorney Apr 19, 2018

    NYC ‘Poop Train' Flushed Out of Alabama Town

    A stinking trainload of human waste from New York City that was stranded in a tiny Alabama town for more than two months, spreading a stench like a giant backed-up toilet, has been hauled away.

  • attorney Apr 19, 2018

    ‘It Smells Like Death': Alabama Endures NYC ‘Poop Train'

    A stinking trainload of human waste from New York City is stranded in a tiny Alabama town, spreading a stench like a giant backed-up toilet — and the “poop train” is just the latest example of the South being used as a dumping ground for other states’ waste. In Parrish, Alabama, population 982, the sludge-hauling train cars have sat idle...

  • California Apr 18, 2017

    New Green Tech That Could Change the World (at Least a Bit)

    Companies around the world are taking steps to create cleaner, more sustainable ways of living through innovative technologies that can change everyday activities. In mid-April, consumers will be able to purchase solar roof tiles from Tesla, the California-based electric automaker that also dabbles in battery production, hyperfast train travel and rockets. The glass tiles add abit of fashionable flair compared...

  • Philadelphia Aug 25, 2015

    PGW Promises to Fix Leak 6 Months Later

    Neighbors along Grays Ferry Avenue in Center City have been dealing with the smell of natural gas and fears that come along with that for months. NBC10 Investigator Mitch Blacher was there as the gas company — PGW — got to work on a commitment to fix two miles of aged pipes.

  • Philadelphia Apr 8, 2014

    Improving PGW's Infrastructure

    Jim Torgerson is the CEO of UIL Holdings company, which is attempting to buy Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). In an exclusive interview with NBC10’s Daralene Jones, Torgerson talks about plans to improve PGW’s infrastructure.

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