• player Nov 1, 2019

    How Much Are College Athletes' Names and Images Worth?

    How much are a college athlete’s name, image and likeness worth? And who would want to pay for them? The questions are front and center now that the NCAA, pressured by individual states that have started acting on their own, has taken a major step toward allowing athletes to make money off their fame. Deciding to reverse the prohibition on...

  • Donald Trump Sep 30, 2019

    Whistleblower's Lawyer Says Trump Endangering His Client

    The attorney for the intelligence community whistleblower whose complaint fueled a House inquiry into impeaching President Donald Trump says he has “serious concerns” that Trump’s comments had put his client in danger, NBC News reported. The unidentified whistleblower’s legal team sounded the alarm in a letter, dated Saturday and made public on Sunday, to Joseph Maguire, the acting director of...

  • Donald Trump Sep 27, 2019

    Trump Bashes Whistleblower, Alludes to Execution in Recorded Audio

    President Donald Trump compared White House staffers who gave information to a whistleblower to spies and alluded to execution Thursday in audio obtained by the Los Angeles Times. “I want to know who’s the person, who’s the person who gave the whistleblower, who’s the person who gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s close to a spy,” Mr. Trump...

  • Facebook Jul 1, 2019

    Facebook to Make Jobs, Credit Ads Searchable for US Users

    Facebook says it will make advertisements for jobs, loans and credit card offers searchable for all U.S. users following a legal settlement designed to eliminate discrimination on its platform. The plan disclosed in an internal report Sunday voluntarily expands on a commitment the social media giant made in March when it agreed to make its U.S. housing ads searchable by...

  • Donald Trump May 28, 2019

    Supreme Court to Hear Case of Mexican Teenager Killed by Border Patrol Agent

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday said it will hear a dispute involving the cross-border killing of a Mexican teenager by an American border patrol agent. The question before the justices is whether federal law enforcement officers can be sued for civil rights violations in cases where there is no other legal remedy. Arguments are likely to be scheduled for the...

  • JUDGE Mar 29, 2019

    Florida Men Imprisoned for Murder for 42 Years Ordered Free

    An uncle and nephew who had been imprisoned for 42 years for a Florida murder were vindicated Thursday when prosecutors asked a judge to vacate their convictions, saying they no longer believed in the men’s guilt. Clifford Williams, 76, and Hubert “Nathan” Myers, 61, wiped away tears after the judge said she was vacating their convictions. They are the first...

  • CEO Mar 27, 2019

    50 Women Sue Salesforce, Claiming it Helped Backpage in Sex Trafficking

    Fifty women are suing Salesforce, alleging the company profited by helping Backpage to engage in sex trafficking. The women, referred to only as anonymous Jane Does, identify themselves as survivors of sex trafficking, rape and abuse — facilitated through Backpage.

  • Facebook Mar 19, 2019

    Facebook Says It Will Overhaul Ad Targeting to Prevent Discrimination

    Facebook will overhaul its ad-targeting systems to prevent discrimination in housing, credit and employment ads as part of a legal settlement....
    The changes to Facebook’s advertising methods —which generate most of the company’s enormous profits — are unprecedented. The social network says it will no longer allow housing, employment or credit ads that target people by age, gender or zip code....

  • California Feb 17, 2019

    School Board in Virginia May End Transgender Bathroom Ban

    For nearly four years, Gavin Grimm has been suing his former school district after it banned him from using the boys bathrooms in high school. Along the way, he’s became a national face for transgender rights. His case almost went to the U.S. Supreme Court. He graduated and moved to California but kept fighting. The school board in Virginia may...

  • PRESIDENT Dec 4, 2018

    Lawyers Want Stormy Daniels to Pay Trump $390K in Legal Fees

    Lawyers for President Donald Trump asked a court Monday for nearly $800,000 in lawyers’ fees and penalties from porn actress Stormy Daniels for a failed defamation lawsuit against him. Attorney Charles Harder defended ringing up a nearly $390,000 legal bill for the president and asked for an equal amount in sanctions as a deterrent against a “repeat filer of frivolous...

  • Reporter Jul 10, 2018

    Top San Bernardino County Gang Prosecutor Put on Leave After Racist, Violent Comments Posted Online

    A top gang prosecutor in San Bernardino County has been put on administrative leave while the District Attorney’s Office investigates discriminatory comments he made on social media, District Attorney Mike Ramos said Monday.

  • Donald Trump Jun 13, 2018

    Federal Judge Approves AT&T-Time Warner Merger

    A federal judge approved the $85 billion mega-merger of AT&T and Time Warner on Tuesday, potentially ushering in a wave of media consolidation while shaping how much consumers pay for streaming TV and movies. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon green-lit the merger without imposing major conditions as some experts had expected. The Trump Justice Department had sued to block the...

  • New York Apr 24, 2018

    Cosby Jury to Decide: Serial Rapist or Con Artist's Mark

    The jury that will start deliberating Bill Cosby’s fate on Tuesday has heard the comedian described over the past two weeks both as a “serial rapist” and a con artist’s victim.

  • JUDGE Apr 22, 2018

    Cosby Defense Team Lobs Attacks in Court of Public Opinion

    With Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial heading for deliberations this week, the 80-year-old comedian’s lawyers and publicists are hitting at his chief accuser’s credibility in the court of public opinion. Jurors weren’t allowed to hear testimony that Cosby’s chief accuser was once hooked on hallucinogenic mushrooms or had her sights set on becoming a millionaire, but that hasn’t stopped the...

  • attorney Apr 15, 2018

    Prominent Attorney Who Set Self on Fire in NYC Park Fought for Gay Rights

    A lawyer who burned himself to death in a grisly protest against ecological destruction was a nationally known gay rights advocate and lead attorney in a famous case involving transgender murder victim Brandon Teena.

  • attorney Apr 15, 2018

    Prominent Attorney Dies After Setting Himself on Fire in NYC Park Protesting Fossil Fuels: Report

    A well-known attorney died Saturday morning after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a reported protest against pollution.

  • JUDGE Apr 11, 2018

    Ohio Court to Decide If Ex-Notre Dame Football Player Can Sue Over Concussions

    The Ohio Supreme Court will decide whether the widow of a former University of Notre Dame football player can sue the school and the NCAA over allegations her husband was disabled by concussions from his college career in the 1970s. Steve Schmitz was suffering from dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s disease when he and his wife, Yvette, filed a lawsuit...

  • Donald Trump Mar 26, 2018

    Trump Turns to Fox News as He Casts His West Wing Anew

    President Donald Trump’s favorite TV network is increasingly serving as a West Wing casting call, as the president reshapes his administration with camera-ready personalities. Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, is a former U.N. ambassador, a White House veteran — and perhaps most importantly a Fox News channel talking head. Bolton’s appointment, rushed out late Thursday, follows Trump’s recent...

  • Donald Trump Mar 25, 2018

    2 Lawyers Not Joining Trump Legal Team After All

    President Donald Trump will not be adding two new lawyers to the legal team defending him in the special counsel’s Russia investigation, one of the president’s attorneys said Sunday. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said in a statement that Washington lawyers Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing have conflicts that won’t allow them to represent the president regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s...

  • attorney Mar 19, 2018

    2 Baltimore Detectives Convicted of Racketeering, Robbery

    Two Baltimore police detectives were convicted of racketeering, conspiracy and robbery Monday in a trial that’s part of an ongoing federal investigation into corruption among rogue members of the city’s beleaguered police force. After the jury foreman read the verdict following two days of deliberations, Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor were shackled and led out of U.S. District Court...

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