• Donald Trump Oct 17, 2019

    Workers Celebrate Deal With GM, Show Union Power in Industry

    Bargainers for General Motors and the United Auto Workers reached a tentative contract deal on Wednesday that could end a monthlong strike that brought the company’s U.S. factories to a standstill. The deal, which the union says offers “major gains” for workers, was hammered out after months of bargaining but won’t bring an immediate end to the strike by 49,000...

  • Associated Press Oct 10, 2019

    GM Workers Worry About Paying Bills as Strike Continues

    Nearly four weeks into the United Auto Workers’ strike against General Motors, employees are starting to feel the pinch of going without their regular paychecks. They’re scaling back at the grocery, giving up on eating at restaurants and some are taking on part-time jobs while trying to get by on weekly strike pay of $250. “In a couple of more...

  • social media Oct 4, 2019

    Many Priests Accused of Child Sex Abuse Still in Roles With Access to Children

    Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses, an Associated Press investigation has found. These priests, deacons, monks and lay...

  • Associated Press Sep 18, 2019

    Striking GM Workers Question Whether Union Leaders Can Be Trusted

    The strike against General Motors by the United Auto Workers is playing out amid a corruption scandal inside the UAW that has caused distrust of the union leadership among many rank-and-file members. On picket lines at plants across the country, many of the 49,000 workers have expressed doubts about whether UAW leaders are acting in their best interests in the...

  • Donald Trump Sep 17, 2019

    Progress Reported in Contract Talks Between GM, Union

    Faced with weakening sales, a deteriorating global economy and an unpredictable trade war, General Motors and striking auto workers appeared to be making progress Tuesday toward a four-year labor contract. The two-day walkout by 49,000 workers brought to a standstill more than 50 factories and parts warehouses in the union’s first strike against the No. 1 U.S. automaker in over...

  • Associated Press Sep 16, 2019

    Auto Workers Strike Against GM

    More than 49,000 United Auto Workers joined a strike against General Motors on Monday.

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2019

    Ohio Gov. Urges Gun Sale Background Checks, Red-Flag Law After Dayton Shooting

    Facing pressure to take action after the latest mass shooting in the U.S., Ohio’s Republican governor urged the GOP-led state Legislature to pass laws requiring background checks for nearly all gun sales and allowing courts to restrict firearms access to people perceived as threats. Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday Ohio needs to do more while balancing people’s rights to own...

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2019

    Authorities Scour Leads in Mass Shootings That Left 31 Dead

    Authorities in two U.S. cities scoured leads in a pair of weekend mass shootings that killed 31, trying to piece together the motives that led two young men to unleash violence on innocent people in crowded public places. In El Paso, Texas, the death toll creeped upward Monday from the shooting two days earlier at a Walmart store, with two...

  • Donald Trump Aug 5, 2019

    ‘Do Something': Crowd Screams at Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine During Shooting Vigil

    A crowd that gathered to remember nine people shot dead outside a Dayton, Ohio, bar interrupted a speech by Gov. Mike DeWine with screams of “do something.” Twenty-seven people were also injured in the mass shooting.

  • United States Jun 5, 2019

    Plan to Expand Hunting, Fishing in Wildlife Refuges Revealed

    The Trump administration on Wednesday announced what it called a major expansion of hunting and fishing in the nation’s wildlife refuges. The plan affects 1.4 million acres (5,666 square kilometers) on federal public lands, including 74 national wildlife refuges, U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge along Lake Erie in northern Ohio.

  • Coach May 18, 2019

    Attorney: Abused Clients Were Ohio State Football Players

    An attorney preparing a lawsuit against Ohio State University on behalf of more than 50 former athletes who claim they were sexually abused by a team physician told The Associated Press on Saturday that most of those clients were football players from the school’s storied program, including some who went on to play in the NFL. Dayton attorney Michael Wright...

  • Associated Press May 18, 2019

    Report Shocks, Angers Some of Ohio State Doc's 177 Victims

    Victims of a now-dead Ohio State team doctor are reacting with shock, grief and anger at investigative findings documenting a heinous pattern of sexual abuse that many of them say they experienced as young men and then worked for decades to forget. Their reactions follow the university’s release of a report Friday that found Dr. Richard Strauss groped, ogled or...

  • Ohio State University Jan 16, 2019

    Hospital: Doc Gave Near-Death Patients Excessive Pain Meds

    An intensive care doctor ordered “significantly excessive and potentially fatal” doses of pain medicine for at least 27 near-death patients in the past few years after families asked that lifesaving measures be stopped, an Ohio hospital system announced after being sued by a family alleging an improper dose of fentanyl actively hastened the death of one of those patients. The...

  • Donald Trump Nov 27, 2018

    Angry Over Cutbacks, Trump Threatens to End Subsidies to GM

    President Donald Trump tested the limits of his presidential authority and political muscle as he threatened Tuesday to cut off all federal subsidies to General Motors because of its planned massive cutbacks in the U.S. Trump unloaded on Twitter a day after GM announced it would shutter five plants and slash 14,000 jobs in North America. Many of the job...

  • Facebook Sep 8, 2018

    Police Say Shooter's Gun Jammed During Office Rampage

    The shooter who killed three people in the lobby of a downtown Cincinnati office high-rise could have killed many more if his gun hadn’t jammed during the four-minute rampage, city leaders said Friday. Newly released security footage from inside the lobby showed the gunman firing randomly while carrying a briefcase with hundreds of rounds of ammunition over his shoulder.

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2018

    Supreme Court Allows Ohio, Other State Voter Purges

    States can target people who haven’t cast ballots in a while in efforts to purge their voting rolls, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case that has drawn wide attention amid stark partisan divisions and the approach of the 2018 elections. By a 5-4 vote that split the conservative and liberal justices, the court rejected arguments in a case...

  • Donald Trump Jun 8, 2018

    Not Voting Could Jeopardize Future Votes in Some US States

    Do you have to vote even if you don’t want to? Not doing so could put you on the path to losing your vote in some states. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on a lawsuit filed against Ohio’s secretary of state over the practice of flagging registered voters after they’ve missed one federal general election. They...

  • attorney Jun 5, 2018

    114 Arrested in Immigration Sting at Ohio Landscaper

    U.S. immigration agents made more than 100 arrests Tuesday at an Ohio gardening and landscaping company, aided by about 200 law enforcement workers in one of the largest employer stings in recent years....
    The 114 arrests occurred at two locations of Corso’s Flower & Garden Center, one in Sandusky, a resort city on Lake Erie, and another in nearby Castalia. U.S....

  • New York May 29, 2018

    More Public Safety Agencies Turning to Drones to Fight Crime

    No longer a novelty, drones are becoming an everyday tool for more police and fire departments, new research has found. The number of public safety agencies with drones has more than doubled since the end of 2016, according to data collected by the Center for the Study of the Drone at New York’s Bard College. The center estimated that just...

  • Donald Trump Aug 17, 2017

    Trump's Die-Hard Supporters Show No Signs of Straying

    They wash their hands of neo-Nazis and wag their fingers at leftists. They denounce a press corps they see as biased and controversies they view as manufactured. But in the frenzied blame game over the deadly violence at a rally of white supremacists, Donald Trump’s loyal base is happy to absolve the president himself. Even as Trump’s zig-zag response to...

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