John McCain

  • Meghan McCain Mar 24

    Meghan McCain Is Pregnant 8 Months After Suffering Miscarriage

    Congratulations are in order for Meghan McCain: “The View” co-host is again expecting her and husband Ben Domenech’s first child, eight months after she suffered a miscarriage.

  • Donald Trump Dec 1, 2019

    The New ‘Three Amigos' Riding Into Trump Impeachment Inquiry

    The “three amigos” used to stand for one thing in Washington — the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought American idealism to the world’s trouble spots. Now it refers to another trio, the Trump envoys who pushed Ukraine to pursue investigations of Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden. The shift represents more than the appropriation...

  • Donald Trump Nov 11, 2019

    Buttigieg Says He Would Pick 1st Female Veterans Affairs Secretary

    Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says if elected he’d like to name a woman to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs for the first time as 2020 hopefuls take aim at President Donald Trump’s record on stemming military suicide and helping female vets. On Veterans Day, several candidates rolled out proposals to meet the needs of America’s 20 million former...

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2019

    Joe Biden, Behind in Money Race, Has Returned Nearly $1 Million to Donors, Far Outpacing Rivals

    Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has returned nearly $1 million in campaign donations since launching his campaign in April, far exceeding what his rivals in the Democratic primary race have returned to donors.

  • Donald Trump Oct 15, 2019

    White House: Trump Condemns Violent Parody, Hasn't Seen It

    President Donald Trump “strongly condemns” a graphic and violent parody video that depicts a likeness of him shooting and stabbing opponents and members of the news media, the White House said Monday. But his press secretary said he hadn’t yet watched the two-minute clip. The video, which drew widespread condemnation, was played during a conference held by conservative supporters of...

  • Donald Trump Oct 9, 2019

    Trump Escalates Impeachment Fight, Barring Envoy's Testimony

    Escalating his fight against Congress’ impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump flouted Democratic warnings about impeachable conduct Tuesday in blocking a U.S. diplomat from testifying about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. House committee chairmen quickly issued a subpoena to force the envoy to appear before the House next week and produce documents recovered from his personal devices.

  • Donald Trump Oct 6, 2019

    Analysis: Trump's Old Ways Colliding With New Realities

    Telling half-truths and outright lies. Manipulating media coverage. Pushing legal boundaries. Pressuring subordinates to do the dirty work. Believing in the force of his own personality. Accepting no personal responsibility. The playbook Donald Trump has used as a real estate developer, celebrity businessman and political candidate has, for the most part, proved effective through the first two-plus years of his...

  • United States Sep 9, 2019

    Sarah Palin's Husband, Todd, Files for Divorce Over ‘Incompatibility of Temperament'

    Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, filed for divorce from the former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor citing “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.” Todd Palin, 55, asked to dissolve the couple’s 31-year marriage in a filing submitted Friday in the Anchorage Superior Court. The filing, first reported...

  • Donald Trump Aug 31, 2019

    Too Old for President? Health and Fitness a Better Question

    Science says age is only a number, not a proxy for physical and mental fitness. But with three Democrats in their 70s vying to challenge the oldest first-term president in American history, age’s importance will be tested as never before. Only a few years separate President Donald Trump, 73, from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 77, and former Vice President Joe...

  • Donald Trump Aug 21, 2019

    Trump's Fake Accent Angers Asian Americans as They Veer Left

    When Amanda Berg heard reports that President Donald Trump mocked the accents of the leaders of South Korea and Japan at a recent fundraiser, it brought back painful memories from her childhood. Berg, a Korean American who grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, recalled kids doing the “stereotypical pulling at the eyes and the mocking accent.” It made her feel...

  • Donald Trump Aug 20, 2019

    White House Insists ‘Fundamentals' of Economy Are Strong

    The “fundamentals” of the U.S. economy are solid, the White House asserted Monday, invoking an ill-fated political declaration of a decade ago amid mounting concern that a recession could imperil President Donald Trump’s reelection. Exhibiting no such concern, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway declared to reporters, “The fact is, the fundamentals of our economy are very strong,” It’s a phrase with...

  • Donald Trump Aug 18, 2019

    Suburban Voters Are Pressuring Republicans to Act on Guns

    Following the news has grown stressful for Angela Tetschner, a 39-year-old nurse raising four children in this sprawling Phoenix suburb of tile roofs, desert yards, young families and voters who are increasingly up for grabs. “Sometimes I do think about the school shootings,” said Tetschner, who doesn’t pay much attention to politics but has been disappointed in President Donald Trump,...

  • Donald Trump Jul 31, 2019

    ‘Have We No Decency?' National Cathedral Responds to President Trump's ‘Racist' Remarks

    Washington National Cathedral leaders are responding to President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on representatives of color, asking if Americans have had enough of “violent dehumanizing words” from the White House.

  • Donald Trump Jun 24, 2019

    The Most Important Races in the 2020 Senate Fight

    A handful of races will decide whether Mitch McConnell and the GOP can keep their grip on the Senate next year – including in Alabama, where Roy Moore, accused of sexual misconduct with teen girls decades ago, is again running for the Republican nomination. President Donald Trump faces a grind to win another term in the White House. Even if...

  • Donald Trump Jun 2, 2019

    Pentagon Tells White House to Stop Politicizing Military

    The Pentagon has told the White House to stop politicizing the military, amid a furor over a Trump administration order to have the Navy ship named for the late U.S. Sen. John McCain hidden from view during President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Japan. Trump’s top aide scoffed at the idea that anyone working for the White House might be...

  • Donald Trump May 31, 2019

    D-Day Ceremony Spotlights Trump's Complicated Military Ties

    World leaders will gather in solemn assembly next week above the sandy beaches of Normandy to mark the 75th anniversary of the world-changing D-Day invasion of France. It’s typically a heartfelt tribute to alliance and sacrifice and a unified vow for enduring unity, outweighing any national or political skirmish of the moment. That’s what has some U.S. veterans and others...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2019

    WH Wanted USS John McCain Moved for Trump Japan Trip: Sources

    The White House told the U.S. Navy to keep a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain , with whom Trump long feuded, out of Trump’s sight during his trip to Japan, three U.S. officials said. A Republican, McCain nevertheless broke with the president in key areas. He incensed Trump with his thumbs-down vote foiling the effort to repeal...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 26, 2019

    Joe Biden Announces Presidential Run

    Former Vice President Joe Biden announced another presidential run Thursday.

  • director Apr 26, 2019

    Delaware's Own, Former Vice President Joe Biden Announces 2020 Run for President

    Former Vice President Joe Biden, a product of the working class who became a key adviser in the Obama administration following a long career in the Senate, officially entered the Democratic race for president Thursday by declaring “we are in a battle for the soul of this nation.” Biden’s entrance comes four years after his son’s death led him to...

  • Donald Trump Mar 31, 2019

    Trump's Battle With ‘Obamacare' Moves to the Courts

    After losing in Congress, President Donald Trump is counting on the courts to kill off “Obamacare.” But some cases are going against him, and time is not on his side as he tries to score a big win for his re-election campaign. Two federal judges in Washington, D.C., this past week blocked parts of Trump’s health care agenda: work requirements...

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