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  • Matt Hamilton Feb 21, 2018

    Upset! US Defeats Olympic Champs Canada for Trip to Curling Gold Medal Match

    Team USA is headed to its first ever men’s curling gold medal game, following a historic upset victory against Canada, the three-time defending Olympic champions and 2017 World Champions. The 5-3 win in Thursday’s semifinals caps an earlier three-game U.S. winning streak on the ice in Pyeongchang, an especially remarkable turnaround from a string of losses in the first games...

  • Canada Feb 22, 2018

    Curling 101: Know These Terms, Strategies Before Team USA’s Historic Game

    Team USA is headed to a men’s Olympic curling final for the first time. Skip John Shuster and teammates Tyler George, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner will take on Sweden on Feb. 24 for the historic gold medal match. “They’re a fantastic curling team,” Shuster said of his competitors, The Associated Press reported. He promised “to have some fun and...

  • Matt Hamilton Feb 24, 2018

    ‘We Did It’: USA’s Miracurl on Ice Breaks Internet After Gold Medal

    The U.S. won its first curling gold medal after beating Sweden 10-7 early Saturday morning. The country stayed up until after 4 a.m. ET to watch what has been dubbed the “miracurl on ice” and to tweet about the country’s new favorite sport. Mr. T jumped on the curling bandwagon early, and even called the team before the gold-medal game....

  • social media Feb 25, 2018

    That Golden Feeling: Team USA Athletes Share Emotions After Winning Olympic Gold

    Chloe Kim wiped away a tear as she stood on the podium after winning a gold medal in the women’s halfpipe. John Landsteiner of the U.S. men’s curling team thanked Mr. T after winning gold. David Wise, gold medalist in men’s skiing halfpipe, invited his kids onto the podium, then posted a video. The reactions of athletes winning a gold...

  • United States Feb 24, 2018

    Mr. T, Diddy Send Good Luck to Team USA Curlers

    “Curling is cool, fool!” That’s the hashtag and refrain famed actor Mr. T has repeated during the U.S.’s historic run to the men’s curling gold medal game. While the men have gained quite a few celebrity fans since the start of the PyeongChang games, none have been more enthusiastic than T (can we call him T?).

  • Facebook Feb 23, 2018

    USA Curling Rocks! Men Upset Sweden With Historic Gold Medal Win

    John Shuster’s last throw in the eighth end of the Olympic curling final clacked off one Swedish stone and knocked it into another, sending them both skittering out of scoring range. Five yellow-handled American rocks were left behind. The score, known as a five-ender, is so rare it has only been topped once before in the history of the men’s...

  • Canada Feb 20, 2018

    Team USA Advances to Semifinals With Win Over Great Britain

    There were eight different scenarios for what would happen if the U.S. men’s curling team defeated Great Britain Tuesday night. There were also eight scenarios for what would happen if they lost, none of which featured them making the semifinals. Sitting on a record of 4-4, the U.S. was in a win-and-you’re-in situation, and they knew it. Luckily for John...

  • Canada Feb 23, 2018

    ‘Hurry! Hard!’ What Exactly Are Curlers Yelling?

    We wanted to learn what all the yelling during a curling match means, so we went around the Olympic Park and asked the fans. Then we got the real answer from the U.S. women’s curling team. (You’ll want to turn the volume up.)

  • Matt Hamilton Feb 24, 2018

    John Shuster’s Final Redemption Story Finally Complete

    One loss from elimination, John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner won five straight games over six days to capture the U.S.’ first Olympic curling title with a 10-5 victory over Sweden in Saturday’s final.

  • Canada Feb 13, 2018

    Men’s Curling: US Off to Strong Start With Win Over Korea

    The U.S. men’s curling team wanted to make a statement in their Pyeongchang opener and in their all-white uniforms they did. The men, led by Skip John Shuster, scored three points in two different ends on the way to an 11-7 win over Korea.

  • Matt Hamilton Feb 6, 2018

    Curlers Hit the Gym to Prepare for PyeongChang

    Many people may see curling and think that the athletes don’t have to do much in the gym to prepare for the sport. In the past, that may have been true. But recently, curlers have started to realize that getting in shape and putting in hours at the gym can have a tremendous benefit when it comes to the sport....

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