• Minnesota Sep 5, 2020

    Alleged Boogaloo Members Face Terrorism Charges in Minnesota

    Two men who prosecutors say are anti-government extremists who toted guns on the streets of Minneapolis during the unrest that followed the death of George Floyd have been charged with federal terrorism counts

  • Israel Feb 16, 2020

    Israeli Army: Hamas Hackers Tried to ‘seduce' Soldiers

    The Israeli military says it it has thwarted an attempt by the Hamas militant group to hack soldiers’ phones by posing as young, attractive women on social media

  • leader Nov 14, 2019

    Israel Resumes Strikes on Gaza After Rocket Fire

    Israel says it has resumed strikes on targets linked to the Islamic Jihad militant group in Gaza after it fired a number of rockets into Israel. The announcement by the Israeli military early Friday indicated that an unofficial cease-fire declared nearly 24 hours earlier was breaking down.

  • JUDGE Jun 8, 2019

    Virginia Man Back in US After Court Questions Deportation

    A northern Virginia man who says he fears torture at the hands of Israeli authorities is back in the U.S. after a judge’s order forced immigration authorities to reverse his deportation and bring him back from Israel before he ever got off the plane.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation May 23, 2019

    Hamas-Obsessed NJ Man Spoke of NYC Terror Attacks, Sent Money to Militants and Polled Instagram Audience ‘Should I Bomb Trump Tower?,' Court Documents Say

    A 20-year-old New Jersey man who allegedly sent money abroad to Hamas militants in an effort to support the terror group also spoke of bombing Trump Tower and attacking the Israeli Consulate in New York, authorities say.

  • Egypt May 6, 2019

    Gaza Quiet After Israel, Hamas Agree to Cease-Fire

    The Israeli military lifted protective restrictions on residents in the south on Monday, while Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group reported a cease-fire deal had been reached to end the deadliest fighting between the two sides since a 2014 war. The escalation had killed 25 on the Gaza side, both militants and civilians, while on the Israeli side four civilians were...

  • Israel May 6, 2019

    Israel Steps Up Strikes as Gaza Rocket Attacks Intensify

    Gaza militants fired hundreds of rockets into southern Israel on Sunday, killing at least four Israelis and bringing life to a standstill across the region in the bloodiest fighting since a 2014 war. As Israel pounded Gaza with airstrikes, the Palestinian death toll rose to 23, including two pregnant women and two babies. The bloodshed marked the first Israeli fatalities...

  • Department of State May 5, 2019

    Under Heavy Rocket Fire, Israeli Reprisals Kill 6

    Palestinian militants on Saturday fired over 250 rockets into Israel, drawing dozens of retaliatory airstrikes on targets across the Gaza Strip in a round of heavy fighting that broke a month-long lull between the enemies. Six Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her baby, were killed, while four Israelis were wounded, including an elderly man who was in a critical...

  • Donald Trump Apr 10, 2019

    Netanyahu Appears to Edge Toward Re-Election in Israeli Vote

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to be headed toward re-election early Wednesday, as exit polls and partial results showed him edging ahead of his main competitor in a tight race that was seen as a referendum on the long-serving leader. Both Netanyahu and former military chief Benny Gantz, leader of the rival Blue and White party, declared victory in...

  • Donald Trump Apr 7, 2019

    As Israelis Head to the Polls, It's All About Netanyahu

    Israel’s election campaign has been a three-month roller coaster of mudslinging, scandals and more scandals. But when voters head to the polls on Tuesday, one name will be predominantly on their minds: Benjamin Netanyahu. At its core, the vote boils down to a referendum on Netanyahu, the man who has dominated Israeli politics for the better part of three decades....

  • Israel Mar 31, 2019

    Israel, Hamas Take First Steps Toward Gaza Cease-Fire Deal

    A cease-fire deal appeared to take hold between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers on Sunday, with Israel expanding the permitted fishing zone and easing some tight restrictions on movement through its two main crossings with the Palestinian enclave. Egyptian mediators have worked in recent days to broker a cease-fire agreement, but talks have been repeatedly interrupted by Palestinian rocket attacks...

  • Israel Mar 30, 2019

    Rockets From Gaza Strip Hit Israel; 4 Die at Border Protest

    Five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel early Sunday, the Israeli military announced, following a day of mass protests that saw Israeli troops kill four Palestinians near the territory’s border. The rocket attack threatens to undermine Egyptian-mediated efforts to cement a deal that the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers hope will ease a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockage of the...

  • Donald Trump Mar 26, 2019

    Trump Formally Recognizes Israeli Control of Golan Heights

    President Donald Trump signed a proclamation on Monday recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, reversing more than a half-century of U.S. policy. Standing alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Trump made formal a move he announced in a tweet last week. The president said it was time for the U.S. to take the step after...

  • GUARD Mar 15, 2019

    Israel Strikes 100 Gaza Targets Following Tel Aviv Rocket Attack

    Israeli warplanes on Friday struck some 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rare rocket attack on the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv. Rocket fire persisted into the morning, setting the stage for additional possible reprisals. The army said that its targets had included an office complex in Gaza City used to plan and command Hamas...

  • Israel Feb 26, 2019

    Opioid Crisis Engulfs Blockaded Gaza Strip

    An opioid crisis has quietly spread in the Gaza Strip, trapping thousands in the hell of addiction and adding another layer of misery to the blockaded and impoverished coastal territory. The scourge can be traced to the mass import of cheap opioid-based Tramadol pain pills through smuggling tunnels under Gaza’s border more than a decade ago. A more addictive black-market...

  • Israel Dec 4, 2018

    Israel Launches Operation to Thwart Hezbollah Border Tunnels

    The Israeli military launched an operation on Tuesday to “expose and thwart” tunnels it says were built by the Hezbollah militant group that stretch from Lebanon into northern Israel. The military said the tunnels were not currently being used by militants and that its work to find and neutralize them was taking place inside Israeli territory. However, the Israeli operation...

  • spokesperson Nov 30, 2018

    CNN Fires Analyst Marc Lamont Hill After UN Speech on Israel

    CNN on Thursday parted ways with contributor Marc Lamont Hill after a speech the college professor made on Israel and Palestine at the United Nations. A CNN spokesperson confirmed Hill is no longer under contract. The network did not give a reason, but the move comes amid objections to Hill’s speech by the Anti-Defamation League and other groups.

  • Associated Press Nov 20, 2018

    Gaza's Fatal Ritual: Relentless Protests, Steady Casualties

    Atalla Fayoumi hobbles on crutches across the flat, sunbaked plain near Israel’s border fence in the Gaza Strip, gazing toward plumes of smoke rising from a clutch of burning tires in the distance. The 18-year-old Palestinian’s right leg was amputated after Israeli soldiers shot him in April at one of the mass demonstrations held weekly for the past eight months...

  • Attorney General Nov 18, 2018

    Israel's Netanyahu Makes ‘Last Effort' To Save Government

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he was heading into a meeting with his top coalition partner in a “last effort” to prevent the collapse of his government, which has been rocked by the resignation of its defense minister over a cease-fire agreement with Gaza militants. Speaking at his weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said it would be unwise to...

  • Israel Nov 15, 2018

    Palestinian Stabs Officers in Police Station: Israeli Police

    A knife-wielding Palestinian attacker snuck into a Jerusalem police station and lightly wounded four police officers before he was shot and captured, Israeli police said Thursday. The assault came on the heels of a fragile truce that was reached between Israel and Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip that ended two days of heavy fighting, the area’s most severe violence...

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