El Salvador

  • El Salvador Mar 6

    Salvadorans Who Fled to US to Escape Violence Returned to It

    Salvadorans who fled their home country to escape gang-fueled violence are in many cases being deported back to face the very same violence they fled

  • El Salvador Feb 5

    Report: At Least 138 Sent From US to El Salvador Were Killed

    At least 138 people deported to El Salvador from the United States in recent years were subsequently killed, Human Rights Watch says in a report that comes as the Trump administration makes it harder for Central Americans to seek refuge here.

  • PRESIDENT Nov 2, 2019

    US Extends Protection for 6 Nations' Migrants for a Year

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced Friday it is extending temporary protected status coverage for migrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan through Jan. 4, 2021. The status, which has been granted because of disasters or conflicts in those countries, had been set to expire in January 2020, or in Nepal’s case, March. Trump administration has...

  • NBC Oct 25, 2019

    California Marine Combat Veteran Who Served in Iraq Deported to El Salvador

    A Marine combat veteran whose supporters were seeking a pardon from the governor of California was suddenly deported to El Salvador this week, according to advocates and immigration authorities, NBC News reported. Jose Segovia Benitez, 38, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1999-2004 and was deployed to Iraq, was deported to El Salvador on Wednesday, according to Immigration...

  • NBC Oct 21, 2019

    Marine Combat Veteran Who Served in Iraq Facing Deportation to El Salvador

    Supporters of a Marine combat veteran who served in Iraq are calling on the California governor to help stop his imminent deportation to El Salvador, a country he left at 3 years old, NBC News reports. Jose Segovia Benitez, 38, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1999-2004 and was deployed to Iraq, receiving multiple awards and decorations during his...

  • Donald Trump Sep 26, 2019

    Trump Administration Proposes Historically Low Refugee Limit

    The Trump administration wants to cap the number of refugees admitted into the United States to the lowest number since the resettlement program was created in 1980. A State Department proposal released Thursday would put a cap on the number of refugees at 18,000 for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. Of those refugee admissions spots, 5,000 would be...

  • Department of State Sep 25, 2019

    American Asylum Pact With Honduras Seals ‘Northern Triangle'

    The Trump administration signed a deal Wednesday with a third Central American country that would effectively seal off the region, preventing asylum-seekers traveling through from entering the United States. The latest agreement, signed on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, paves the way to send asylum-seekers to Honduras, one of the world’s most violent countries, like its neighbors. A...

  • Congress Aug 11, 2019

    Pelosi: Immigration Reform Is Congress' Moral Responsibility

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she sees comprehensive immigration reform not only as Congress’ official work but also as its moral responsibility as she finishes up a tour of Central America. Pelosi traveled with a congressional delegation to explore the causes of immigration and possible solutions. The group visited Guatemala and El Salvador, along with migrant detention facilities in McAllen,...

  • California Aug 1, 2019

    House Members Demand Better Treatment of Detained Transgender Asylum Seekers

    Nearly three dozen members of Congress sent a letter to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday morning expressing their concern over the agency’s treatment of transgender detainees and demanding the agency take transgender migrants’ asylum claims more seriously, NBC News reported. The letter, sent by 34 lawmakers and spearheaded by Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., D-N.J., was signed by Reps....

  • Donald Trump Jul 28, 2019

    Guatemalan Activists Protest Migrant Asylum Pact With US

    Hundreds of Guatemalans gathered Saturday to protest an agreement that President Jimmy Morales’ government signed with Washington to require migrants passing through the Central American country to seek asylum here, rather than pushing on to the U.S. Carrying the blue and white national flag, demonstrators rallied in front of the presidential palace in Guatemala City. They called on Morales to...

  • Donald Trump Jul 23, 2019

    Trump Expands Fast-Track Deportation Authority Across US

    The Trump administration announced Monday that it will vastly extend the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without allowing them to appear before judges, its second major policy shift on immigration in eight days. Starting Tuesday, fast-track deportations can apply to anyone in the country illegally for less than two years. Previously, those deportations were largely limited to people...

  • Mexico Jul 22, 2019

    Teen Mom, Newborn Eye New Life From Tijuana Migrant Shelter

    The tiny, month-old boy slept soundly on the bottom bunk, seemingly undisturbed by the squealing Central American toddlers running by and a kitten leaping from the neighboring bed. About 25 people sleep in the cinderblock room crammed with seven bunkbeds at a Tijuana shelter overflowing with migrants, primarily from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador but also from as far away...

  • United States Jul 8, 2019

    Central America's Choice: Pray for Rain Or Migrate

    Migration to the United States from Honduras and its neighboring “northern triangle” countries — El Salvador and Guatemala — has climbed in recent years. The reasons are complex, including poverty, unemployment and violence, NBC News reports. But the increase in migration also coincides with a drought, which began in 2014, and those living in Central America’s so-called dry corridor, which...

  • Facebook Jul 3, 2019

    Lawmakers' Visit to Texas Border Facility Turns Confrontational

    A press conference following a tour of a Texas migrant facility turned emotional and confrontational as lawmakers struggled to share their experiences against a backdrop of hecklers.

  • Mexico Jul 2, 2019

    Mexico Buses Home 70 Asylum Seekers Who Returned From US

    Dozens of Central Americans who had been returned to the border city of Juarez to await the outcome of their U.S. asylum claims were being bused back to their countries Tuesday by Mexican authorities, a first for that size group in the program commonly known as “remain in Mexico.” In a statement, the Foreign Relations Department described it as the...

  • Trump administration Jul 2, 2019

    Father of 2 Allowed to Return to US After Being Deported Two Years Ago

    A 33-year-old father of two American-born children was allowed to return to the U.S. on Monday, two years after being deported to El Salvador during the first months of the Trump administration. Jose Escobar was welcomed at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport by a group of supporters. He was accompanied by his wife, Rose, and their two children, Walter and Carmen,...

  • United States Jul 1, 2019

    Drowned Migrants Return to El Salvador for Burial

    The young father and daughter who drowned in each other’s arms last week in an attempt to swim across the Rio Grande to the United States have been returned to El Salvador for an expected burial at a private ceremony in the capital Monday. Their bodies entered the Central American country by land Sunday from neighboring Guatemala. Photographs of Valeria,...

  • Donald Trump Jun 18, 2019

    US Restores Some Aid But Vows No More Without Migrant Action

    The Trump administration said Monday it is easing previously announced cuts in hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Central American nations of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala but will not allow new funding until those countries do more to reduce migrant flows to the United States. The State Department said that after a review of more than...

  • Mexico Jun 13, 2019

    US to Use Army Base in Oklahoma to Shelter Migrant Children

    The federal government has chosen a military base in Oklahoma as the location for a new temporary shelter to house migrant children and is considering a customs port in southern New Mexico as another option as existing shelters are overwhelmed. The Office of Refugee Resettlement said Tuesday it’s dealing with a dramatic spike in the number of children crossing the...

  • Donald Trump Jun 6, 2019

    Mexico Plans Border ‘Unity' Rally, Nabs 2 Migrant Activists

    Mexico’s president said Thursday he will hold a “unity” rally on the border in Tijuana two days before the U.S. is set to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a demonstration will be held Saturday to defend the country’s “dignity” amid a looming threat from U.S. President Donald Trump, who has pledged to impose...

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