• Daimler AG Sep 14

    Daimler AG to Pay $1.5B to Settle Emissions Cheating Probes

    Automakers Daimler AG and subsidiary Mercedes-Benz USA have agreed to pay $1.5 billion to the U.S. government and California state regulators to resolve emissions cheating allegations

  • CEO May 7, 2019

    BMW Profit Hit by Anti-Trust Case, Spending on Technology

    BMW lost money making cars in the first quarter as its automotive division was hit by a 1.4 billion-euro ($1.6 billion) set-aside for an anti-trust fine from the European Commission and by higher up-front costs for new technology and factories. The fine and investment spending, along with weaker pricing in some markets, led to an operating loss for the company’s...

  • Donald Trump Jun 25, 2018

    Harley, Stung By Tariffs, Shifts Some Production Overseas

    Production of Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold in Europe will move from U.S. factories to facilities overseas, the Milwaukee-based company announced Monday, a consequence of the retaliatory tariffs the EU is imposing on American exports in an escalating trade war with the Trump administration. President Donald Trump has used the iconic American motorcycle maker as an example of a U.S. business harmed...

  • Donald Trump Jun 22, 2018

    States to Collect Online Sales Tax

    The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that states can now require online businesses to collect sales tax, even if that business doesn’t have a physical footprint there. The new ruling reverses a previous decision dating back to the days when shoppers flipped through catalogs instead of swiping through computer screens. One government estimate says states stand to reap up to $13...

  • driver Mar 15, 2018

    Lawsuits Accuse Automakers of Faulty Air Bags, Recall Delays

    General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen and Mercedes all knew of problems with dangerous exploding Takata air bag inflators years before issuing recalls, according to three class actions filed Wednesday with the federal court in Miami. The lawsuits cite company documents obtained through previous legal actions against other automakers over faulty Takata inflators. The plaintiffs allege that automakers were informed of...

  • Donald Trump May 26, 2017

    Trump Criticizes German Trade Surplus, Again

    President Donald Trump has criticized Germany’s trade surplus with the United States, drawing attention to a contentious issue at a summit of world leaders where trade is already a sticking point. As the leaders of seven wealthy democracies gathered for difficult talks on trade and climate change, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported that Trump had told EU leaders the day before...

  • United States Apr 26, 2016

    840,000 Vehicles, Mostly Mercedes, Recalled Over Takata Air Bags

    German auto corporation Daimler AG is recalling 840,000 vehicles in the U.S. because they have potentially defective driver’s side air bags made by Takata Corp.

  • Germany Jan 20, 2016

    Iran's Big Market Tempts European Firms Despite Hazards

    With many barriers to dealing with Iran suddenly lifted as part of a deal to curb its nuclear activities, some European companies are ready to seize business opportunities in a tempting market of 78.5 million people....
    At first glance, the allure is obvious — the second-largest economy in the Middle East-North Africa region after Saudi Arabia; the second most populous country...

  • China Jan 4, 2016

    General Motors Invests $500M in Lyft, Forms Partnership

    General Motors Co. and ride-hailing company Lyft Inc. are forming an unprecedented partnership that could help them beat their rivals to the self-driving future....
    Lyft said Monday that GM invested $500 million in the company as part of a round of a $1 billion round of fund-raising. GM gets a seat on Lyft’s board and access to the three-year-old company’s software,...

  • North Carolina Dec 28, 2014

    Officials Plead for Mercedes to Stay in New Jersey

    German luxury automobile maker Mercedes-Benz hasn’t even publicly said it’s considering moving its U.S. headquarters out of New Jersey, but some state officials are so concerned about the possibility they’re campaigning publicly to try to keep the company and its 1,000 jobs where they are.

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