Carlos Curbelo

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2018

    Voters Give House Democrats a Check on Trump

    The Democrats took back the House with a surge of fresh new candidates and an outpouring of voter enthusiasm Tuesday, breaking the GOP’s monopoly on power in Washington and setting the stage for a multitude of investigations of President Donald Trump that could engulf his administration over the next two years. Ending eight years of Republican control that began with...

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2018

    Pelosi Says Dems, Trump Have Common Ground on Infrastructure

    Nancy Pelosi says she and President Donald Trump spoke via phone to talk about working together in the coming year with infrastructure being something they could agree upon.

  • Donald Trump Oct 25, 2018

    Curbelo’s No Fan of Trump. Will That Be Enough to Outrun His Votes on Health Care and Taxes?

    Democrats looking to win over the U.S. House of Representatives in November have a keen eye on Florida’s 26th Congressional District, where a well-liked Republican who agrees with Democrats on plenty of issues is struggling not to be defined by two positions where the parties dramatically disagree: health care and taxes. Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo is seeking a third term...

  • Donald Trump Oct 9, 2018

    Carbon Tax Gets Renewed Attention Along With Climate Change, But It Still Faces Resistance

    Advocates of taxing fossil fuels believe their position is stronger now because of an alarming new report on climate change and a Nobel Prize awarded to by two American economists, but neither development is likely to break down political resistance to a carbon tax. Previous alarms about global warming met with resistance from Congress and the White House. President Donald...

  • Donald Trump Jun 30, 2018

    What Are the GOP’s Next Steps in Congress’ Immigration Fight?

    The Republican effort to push broad, election-year immigration legislation through Congress has collapsed, but their ordeal over the politically searing issue is far from finished. The government still holds more than 2,000 children taken from their detained migrant families, an exasperating public relations nightmare for many in the GOP. Nearly 700,000 young immigrants don’t know if the courts will uphold...

  • Donald Trump Jun 7, 2018

    GOP Moderate: Tentative Immigration Deal With Conservatives

    A leader of House Republican moderates said Thursday that a tentative deal with conservatives was being discussed to help young “Dreamer” immigrants stay in the U.S. legally. Conservatives said later that no agreement has been reached, underscoring how elusive it has been for the GOP to resolve its long-running schism over the issue.

  • Donald Trump Jun 4, 2018

    Immigration Fight, Tension on Tariffs Await Congress’ Return

    This was supposed to be the quiet time on Capitol Hill, but Congress returns to work Monday facing a showdown in the House over immigration while Senate Republicans are trying to stop an all-out trade war after President Donald Trump’s decision to impose import tariffs on close U.S. allies. Tensions are running particularly high as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell...

  • Donald Trump May 26, 2018

    Trump Steering Clear of Messy House Immigration Fight

    President Donald Trump has spent recent weeks publicly hammering Congress to crack down on “legal loopholes” he says allow criminals to enter the country illegally. But behind the scenes, Trump has shown little interest in jumping into an intensifying Capitol Hill debate over immigration legislation that many believe is unlikely to ever reach his desk. Trump is largely sitting out...

  • Donald Trump May 17, 2018

    Trump Draws Rebuke for Calling Some Immigrants ‘Animals’ at Sanctuary Policy Meeting

    While railing against California for its so-called sanctuary immigration policies, President Donald Trump referred to some people who cross the border illegally as “animals” — drawing a sharp rebuke from Democratic leaders for the harsh rhetoric. Trump’s remark at a meeting with local officials was in response to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims’ criticism of a California law signed last...

  • Donald Trump May 17, 2018

    WH Doubles Down on Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment at California Sanctuary Policies Roundtable

    President Donald Trump railed against immigration policies adopted by so-called sanctuary cities at a White House roundtable Wednesday, bemoaning a California law that restricts local and state cooperation with U.S. Customs and Enforcement agents and calling some immigrants “animals.”

  • California May 9, 2018

    Group of House Republicans Defy Leadership in Bid to Force Immigration Votes

    A group of House Republicans are pushing ahead in an effort to force floor votes on a pack of four different immigration proposals, despite objections by GOP congressional leaders. If all Democrats back the effort, Republicans need at least 25 of their 236 members to sign onto a discharge petition filed Wednesday, which can be used to force votes on...

  • Donald Trump Apr 4, 2018

    Dems, GOP Using Immigration in House Races, But Differently

    Both Democrats and Republicans think the stalemate between President Donald Trump and Congress over immigration can help them in November’s congressional elections. Each could be right. In House races across the country, both parties are using the fight over immigration — fanned by tweets from President Donald Trump about a crisis on the Mexican border that others say doesn’t exist...

  • Florida Jan 31, 2018

    Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Strikes Trash Truck; 1 Killed

    A train carrying about 100 Republican members of Congress to a strategy retreat in the countryside slammed into a garbage truck in rural Virginia on Wednesday, killing one person in the vehicle and sending several lawmaker-doctors rushing to help the injured. At least one other person in the truck was seriously injured. No serious injuries were reported aboard the chartered...

  • Donald Trump Jan 11, 2018

    ’America Is Better Than This’: Lawmakers React to Trump’s Vulgarity Toward Immigrants

    House Speaker Paul Ryan became the highest ranking Republican to criticize President Donald Trump over reports that he referred to African nations as “s–thole countries” and disparaged Haitians. Ryan on Friday called the comments “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful.” Lawmakers from both parties have fired back at Trump, who denied using certain “language” in Thursday’s private meeting with lawmakers. Neither Trump...

  • Donald Trump Dec 4, 2017

    Those Tax Breaks in the GOP Plan? Enjoy Them While They Last

    President Donald Trump has touted his tax overhaul as a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Yet the plan Senate Republicans have embraced could force lawmakers to rewrite the tax code repeatedly for years to come. The main reason is that some of its key planks are set to expire, thereby forcing tough choices on a future Congress about whether to renew them. Yet...

  • Donald Trump Dec 1, 2017

    Senate Passes Republican Tax Overhaul by Narrow Margin

    Republicans pushed a nearly $1.5 trillion tax bill through the Senate early Saturday after a burst of eleventh-hour horse trading, as a party starved all year for a major legislative triumph took a giant step toward giving President Donald Trump one of his top priorities by Christmas. “Big bills are rarely popular. You remember how unpopular ‘Obamacare’ was when it...

  • California Dec 4, 2017

    Senate Narrowly Passes Tax Reform Bill

    The GOP tax bill passed the Senate on Dec. 2, 51-49, after a late-night round of amendments and voting. If the bill passes reconciliation with a House bill, it will bring the first overhaul of the tax code in 31 years.

  • Donald Trump Nov 30, 2017

    Senate Weighs Scaling Back Tax Package to Win Deficit Hawks

    Senate Republicans weighed scaling back the tax cuts in their massive package to secure crucial support as congressional analysts said Thursday the legislation would add $1 trillion to the nation’s debt over the next decade. Republicans were making major changes to the bill up to the last minute, including one that would roll back some of the tax cuts after...

  • Donald Trump Nov 30, 2017

    No Guarantee of Success With GOP Tax Cut Bill

    Senate Republicans hope to pass their tax cut bill by the end of the week. No Democrats support the plan, and some Republican lawmakers are still on the fence. If passed, this would be President Trump’s first major legislative victory.

  • Donald Trump Nov 29, 2017

    Conservatives Slam GOP Proposal to Automatically Raise Taxes

    Conservative groups and lawmakers are lining up against a proposal by Senate Republicans to impose automatic tax increases on millions of Americans — if their sweeping tax package doesn’t grow the economy and raise tax revenues as much as projected....
    The opposition comes as the tax package cleared a key procedural vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The Senate voted 52-48...

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