• Donald Trump Nov 13, 2021

    Money, Denials and Stalling: How Trump, the Mercers and the GOP Beat the FEC

    The Federal Election Commission has called off its probe into Cambridge Analytica after it was outmaneuvered by lawyers and struggled to gather evidence.

  • Cambridge Analytica Oct 16, 2020

    Watchdog Org: Trump '16 Campaign, PAC Illegally Coordinated

    An election watchdog group says new documents from a former insider at a British data firm reveal illegal coordination between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and a billionaire-funded pro-Trump PAC

  • Donald Trump Jul 14, 2019

    More to Come: FTC Fine Doesn't Spell Closure for Facebook

    Facebook may be close to putting a Federal Trade Commission investigation behind it. But it faces a variety of other probes in Europe and the U.S., some of which could present it with even bigger headaches. While the $5 billion fine from the FTC, which Facebook has been expecting, is by far the largest the agency has levied on a...

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2019

    Tech on Trial: House Panel Begins Review of Market Power

    Members of both parties on Tuesday suggested legislation may be necessary for the financially-struggling U.S. news industry as lawmakers began a bipartisan investigation into the market dominance of Silicon Valley companies. At a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel, news media associations accused the tech companies of jeopardizing the industry’s economic survival by putting news content on their...

  • Donald Trump May 8, 2019

    US Regulators Under Scrutiny as They Look to Punish Facebook

    Federal privacy regulators are under scrutiny in Congress as they negotiate a record fine with Facebook to punish the company for alleged violations of its users’ privacy. The Federal Trade Commission is considering a rare action holding CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally accountable for Facebook’s alleged failure to honor a 2011 agreement over privacy lapses. The agency also may limit how...

  • Donald Trump May 9, 2019

    Zuckerberg Explains How Facebook Will Get ‘Privacy Focused'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the company’s annual F8 developer conference by sharing details about his new “privacy-focused” vision for the social network — including end-to-end encryption for Messenger conversations and secure WhatsApp statuses that only friends can see. Scott Budman reports.

  • Facebook Apr 18, 2019

    Facebook Says It ‘Unintentionally Uploaded' 1.5 Million Users' Email Contacts Without Permission

    Social networking giant Facebook said on Wednesday evening it may have “unintentionally uploaded” the email contacts of up to 1.5 million users on its site, without their permission or knowledge, when they signed up for new accounts since May 2016. Users affected by that incident were not just limited to the United States, according to a source familiar with the...

  • Facebook Feb 18, 2019

    UK Lawmakers Slam Facebook, Recommend Stiffer Regulation

    British lawmakers issued a scathing report Monday that accused Facebook of intentionally violating privacy and anti-competition laws in the U.K., and called for greater oversight of social media companies. The report on fake news and disinformation on social media sites followed an 18-month investigation. The parliamentary committee that prepared the report says social media sites should have to follow a...

  • CEO Dec 25, 2018

    2018 Revealed Many Forms of Technology's Dystopian Potential

    We may remember 2018 as the year when technology’s dystopian potential became clear, from Facebook’s role enabling the harvesting of our personal data for election interference to a seemingly unending series of revelations about the dark side of Silicon Valley’s connect-everything ethos. The list is long: High-tech tools for immigration crackdowns. Fears of smartphone addiction. YouTube algorithms that steer youths...

  • Facebook Dec 19, 2018

    Washington DC Sues Facebook Over Privacy Scandal

    The attorney general in the nation’s capital has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica to improperly access data from as many as 87 million users.

  • Donald Trump Oct 25, 2018

    Facebook Fined $644K by UK Watchdog Over Users' Data Breach

    British regulators on Thursday slapped Facebook with a fine of 500,000 pounds ($644,000) — the maximum possible — for failing to protect the privacy of its users in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Information Commissioner Office found that between 2007 and 2014, Facebook processed the personal information of users unfairly by giving app developers access to their information without informed...

  • Facebook Aug 23, 2018

    Facebook Bans 2nd Quiz App Over Concerns Data on 4M Users Misused

    Facebook has pulled one of its own products from Apple’s app store because it didn’t want to stop tracking what people were doing on their iPhones. Facebook also banned a quiz app from its social network for possible privacy intrusions on about 4 million users. The twin developments come as Facebook is under intense scrutiny over privacy following the Cambridge...

  • Facebook Aug 9, 2018

    Facebook Uncovers ‘Covert' Political Campaign

    Facebook announced that they removed 32 pages and accounts tied to a “covert” push to spread divisive political messages ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. The fake accounts have qualities similar to the Russian hackers who meddled in the 2016 election, but Facebook said they could not verify the location of the bad actors.

  • Facebook Jul 11, 2018

    Facebook Slapped With First Fine for Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    The chairman of the U.K. Parliament’s media committee says the government office that investigated the Cambridge Analytica scandal has fined Facebook 500,000 pounds ($663,000) for failing to safeguard users’ data. Damian Collins said the Information Commissioner’s Office concluded that Facebook “contravened the law by failing to safeguard people’s information.” Collins said Wednesday that the company “should now make the results...

  • Facebook Jul 3, 2018

    Federal Facebook Probe Now Includes FBI, SEC: Report

    A federal probe into Facebook’s sharing of user data with Cambridge Analytica now involves the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department, the Washington Post reported. Representatives from these agencies have joined the Federal Trade Commission in the inquiry, the newspaper reported, citing five unnamed people familiar with the matter. Those people spoke on condition of anonymity...

  • Donald Trump Jun 15, 2018

    Trump 2020 Working With Ex-Cambridge Analytica Staffers

    A company run by former officials at Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm brought down by a scandal over how it obtained Facebook users’ private data, has quietly been working for President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election effort, The Associated Press has learned. The AP confirmed that at least four former Cambridge Analytica employees are affiliated with Data Propria, a new...

  • Donald Trump May 22, 2018

    Facebook Chief Faces EU Grilling Over his ‘Digital Monster'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from European Union lawmakers Tuesday over what one of them branded Zuckerberg’s “digital monster,” and he apologized for the way the social network has been used to produce fake news, interfere in elections and sweep up people’s personal data. At a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels, legislators sought explanations about the...

  • Donald Trump May 20, 2018

    Trump Jr. Met With Mueller Witness During Campaign

    Donald Trump Jr. met during the 2016 campaign with a private military contractor and an adviser to Middle Eastern leaders, both of whom have since become a focus of investigators working for special counsel Robert Mueller, a lawyer for President Donald Trump’s eldest son said Saturday. Erik Prince, an informal adviser to the Trump campaign and former head of Blackwater,...

  • attorney May 17, 2018

    Senate Releases Trump Tower Probe Transcripts

    Newly released documents numbering thousands of pages show Donald Trump, Jr., didn’t think there was anything wrong with meeting with Russians tied to the Kremlin in an effort to get compromising information on Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election. Democrats and legal experts say his testimony likely doesn’t tell the whole story.

  • Donald Trump May 1, 2018

    RAW: Zuckerberg Explains New ‘Clear History' Facebook Feature

    Facebook on Tuesday said it will allow users to clear their browsing history, including what websites they visit and what they are clicking on, with the help of a new privacy control called “clear history.”

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