• Donald Trump Dec 1, 2019

    Biden Launches Iowa Trip With Focus on Trump, Rural America

    Joe Biden launched an eight-day bus tour of Iowa on Saturday projecting confidence, ignoring his many Democratic presidential competitors and pledging that he will unseat President Donald Trump in 2020. The former vice president pledged first to win the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses, despite recent polls suggesting his standing there has slipped in recent months. “I promise you, I promise...

  • Joe Biden Nov 4, 2019

    Warren, Buttigieg Circle Each Other in Iowa as Caucuses Near

    Gaining momentum in the final three months before the Iowa caucuses, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg offered sharply different messages this weekend as they inched closer to a confrontation over the direction of the Democratic Party. Warren, a Massachusetts senator, positioned herself as a bold progressive fighter while Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said he could unite the...

  • Donald Trump Nov 3, 2019

    Biden Defends His ‘Vision' Against Warren's Indirect Attacks

    Bristling at Elizabeth Warren’s suggestions that he’s a milquetoast moderate with small ideas, presidential candidate Joe Biden countered Saturday that he offers a “bold” vision for the country and warned that Democratic primary voters should not get distracted by the party’s increasingly tense battle over ideological labels. It was a departure from Biden’s usual campaign speech and signaled perhaps a...

  • Donald Trump Oct 9, 2019

    In NH, Joe Biden Says President Trump Must Be Impeached

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday for the first time that President Donald Trump must be impeached for abusing the powers of his office to help his own reelection. Biden made the remarks as part of a blistering 25-minute speech in New Hampshire, departing from his usual campaign pitch.

  • United States Oct 8, 2019

    Biden Education Plan: Free Community College, Expanded Loan Programs

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to make community and technical college free and federal college loan programs more generous as he shifts leftward but not as far as his 2020 rivals. The former vice president’s $750 billion higher education plan represents a major expansion of the federal government’s role in educating Americans beyond high school. But Biden’s pitch Tuesday...

  • Donald Trump Sep 16, 2019

    Biden on Racism: White People ‘Can Never Fully Understand'

    Visiting a black church bombed by the Ku Klux Klan during the civil rights era, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden framed current racial tensions as part of an enduring struggle that is older than the nation. “In a centuries long campaign of violence, fear, trauma, brought upon black people in this country, the domestic terrorism of white supremacy has been...

  • Donald Trump Sep 2, 2019

    Biden, Buttigieg Say No Compromises on Overhauling Gun Laws

    Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, moderates who project themselves as pragmatic collaborators, are taking a no-compromise approach on the overhaul of the nation’s gun laws after the latest mass shooting. Campaigning separately in eastern Iowa on Monday, the former vice president and the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, say the minimum provisions include universal background checks, a...

  • Donald Trump Aug 30, 2019

    Biden Defends Faulty Telling of Military Heroism Story

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday defended his faulty description of a tale of military heroism and his interactions with the service members who carried it out. The “essence” of his recollection is correct, the former vice president told a South Carolina newspaper Thursday after a Washington Post story detailed how an emotional anecdote Biden told recently while campaigning...

  • Donald Trump Aug 17, 2019

    Warren, Sanders Get Personal With Young, Black Christians

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren framed their Democratic presidential bids in personal, faith-based terms Saturday before black millennial Christians who could help determine which candidate becomes the leading progressive alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden. Sanders, the Vermont senator whose struggles with black voters helped cost him the 2016 nomination, told the Young Leaders Conference that his family history...

  • Donald Trump Aug 7, 2019

    Trump's America: Where Politics Dictate Definition of Racism

    It was the last morning of the workweek, and Scott Bremner, a popular talk-radio host here, found himself — again — in the role of accidental referee on the issue of race. And again, the discussion was inspired by racial provocations from President Donald Trump. For one caller, critics of Trump had things upside-down.

  • Congress Jul 28, 2019

    Biden's Full Embrace of Obama Health Law Has Political Risks

    Joe Biden had just rolled out his health care plan when he made what could be a fateful pledge to a crowd in Iowa: “If you like your health care plan or your employer-based plan, you can keep it.” The remark echoed assurances President Barack Obama made repeatedly as he sold the Affordable Care Act, which became known as “Obamacare.”...

  • Donald Trump Jul 16, 2019

    Joe Biden Draws Line Against Progressives on Health Care

    Joe Biden is taking an aggressive approach to defending the Affordable Care Act, challenging not just President Donald Trump but also some of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination who want to replace the current insurance system with a fully government-run model. The former vice president has spent the past several weeks highlighting his support for the health care...

  • Donald Trump Jul 10, 2019

    5 Facts: Joe Biden

    Here are five things to know about 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

  • Donald Trump Jul 7, 2019

    A Matter of Faith: Democrats Embrace Religion in Campaign

    When 10 Democratic presidential candidates were pressed on immigration policy during their recent debate, Pete Buttigieg took his answer in an unexpected direction: He turned the question into a matter of faith. Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, accused Republicans who claim to support Christian values of hypocrisy for backing policies separating children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico...

  • Donald Trump Jul 6, 2019

    Biden, Harris Join Warren to Promise Teacher as Ed Secretary

    Echoing one of their top Democratic presidential rivals, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promised Friday to nominate an educator as secretary of education if either wins the nomination and defeats President Donald Trump. “We don’t treat you with dignity,” Biden, the former vice president, told thousands of public school teachers gathered for the National Education Association convention in Texas. “If...

  • Donald Trump Jun 28, 2019

    Everything Joe Biden Said During Night 2 of the Democratic Debate in Miami

    Listen to everything Joe Biden said during the second night of the Democratic presidential debates in Miami, FL.

  • Donald Trump Jun 25, 2019

    Biden: Congress Should Immediately Make ‘Dreamers' Citizens

    Ahead of the first Democratic debates, Joe Biden is proposing that Congress grant immediate citizenship to more than 800,000 U.S. residents who were brought to the country illegally as children. The former vice president and Democratic polling leader introduced some of his immigration priorities Monday in a newspaper op-ed that blisters President Donald Trump for an “assault on the dignity”...

  • Donald Trump Jun 18, 2019

    TEMPLATE encuesta florida

    Republicans released another revision of their controversial health care bill, keeping Medicaid cuts in place while also allowing cheaper plans.

  • Donald Trump Jun 6, 2019

    Dem Rivals Rebuke Biden for Not Backing Abortion Rule Repeal

    Joe Biden is under fire from his Democratic presidential rivals and women’s rights advocates for his defense of a decades-old prohibition on federal money paying for abortions. Most Democratic White House hopefuls reflect their party’s latest platform calling for the outright repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which traces back to a compromise made when Biden was a young Delaware senator...

  • Donald Trump Jun 5, 2019

    Joe Biden's $5 Trillion Climate Plan: Net Zero Emissions by 2050

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is pitching a $5 trillion-plus climate proposal that he says would lead the U.S. to net zero emission of carbon pollution by 2050. An initial rollout of the proposal on Tuesday, though, was not without a misstep — some passages did not credit their sources. The former vice president calls for $1.7 trillion in federal...

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