Bernie Sanders, AOC and Other Progressive Leaders Back Helen Gym for Philly Mayor

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Philadelphia mayoral candidate Helen Gym has amassed widespread support and endorsements from multiple national and local progressive leaders as the clock ticks down to the upcoming primary.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a national leader of the progressive movement and former presidential candidate, most recently backed Gym, she announced.

“Helen Gym is a fighter for working families,” said Sen. Sanders. “She has fought for strong public education, legislation to protect tenants’ rights, and healthcare for all. I am proud to endorse her campaign for mayor of Philadelphia."

Gym and Sen. Sanders worked together on a joint op-ed to keep Hahnemann Hospital open back in 2019.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also among the national progressive leaders to back Gym for mayor.

“Helen isn’t afraid to take on tough fights or go up against big special interests. And when she does, she wins,” said AOC, who represents New York’s 14th congressional district. “She’s delivered real results for her constituents - making communities safer, housing more affordable, and public schools stronger. I am proud to endorse her.”

"Gym, the only progressive candidate in a tight five-way race, is running on a decades-long track record of delivering unprecedented victories for working people," according to a news release from Gym's campaign office.

Representative Tarik Khan, who represents Pennsylvania’s 194th Legislative District, which covers Manayunk, Roxborough, parts of Chestnut Hill, and East Falls, also endorsed Gym for mayor.

He says Philly is at a crossroads and needs a mayor that will steer it in the right direction; he believes Gym is the person to do that with her record of standing with the community for what’s right.

Congressman Greg Casar, who represents Texas’s 35th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, gave Gym his endorsement citing that she will never stop fighting for working families.

“He is a fellow fighter, organizer, and dedicated public servant who is deeply committed to fixing broken systems and creating the conditions that allow working families to thrive. Having his support in the final stretch of this campaign means a great deal to me,” Gym said about Rep. Casar.

Gym, a former at-large City Councilmember, is one of several Democrats facing off in this spring's primary in the race to replace two-term Democrat Jim Kenney in City Hall.

"A bold grassroots movement grounded in meeting people’s basic needs is sweeping the country," said Gym. "With just over two weeks left until the primary and hundreds of volunteers gearing up to knock doors, we’re better positioned than ever to bring this home for the people on May 16th.”

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