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Year of Firsts: Daughter Dresses Mother (Moi!)

Day 81



    Year of Firsts: Daughter Dresses Mother (Moi!)
    LuAnn Cahn
    LuAnn Cahn's daughter, Alexa, dresses her on Day 81 of Year of Firsts.

    A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. ~Author Unknown


    We had a little time to kill after the family wedding this weekend. What else would a mother and daughter do on a rainy day in Jacksonville?  Shop of course.

    But, Alexa proposed a twist. She would dress me.  I thought that would be an interesting "First" until she walked me into Wet Seal. AHH.

    Revenge of the LA sylin' daughter! (Alexa works for in LA.) Lex now insists I dress too conservatively. Besides, she says she's always wanted to turn the tables on those joyous mother-daughter shopping trips of her youth.

    No, I didn't buy anything. But we had lots of laughs today, just not enough time before I had to give her a kiss and a hug goodbye.


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