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    Recycle Rewards

    The city is offering awesome incentives for recycling. Tracy sat down with RecycleBank's Lisa Pomerantz to learn all about it. (Published Wednesday, June 30, 2010)

    Philly is going to reward you just for remembering to recycle! The Philadelphia Recycling Rewards is going city-wide in July. 

    The first thing you have to do is sign up for a rewards account. Sign up online or by calling 1-888-796-7660. Once you’ve signed up, the program will mail you a Philadelphia Recycling Rewards sticker that you then have to place on your collection carts.

    On pick up days, trucks that are retrofitted with RecycleBank technology will weigh your recyclables and convert it into points which are then deposited into your personal account.

    All consumers worried about what information the bar code on the sticker holds can be rest assured that the stickers only match the cart to the household address and corresponding account number.

    When your account has points in it, the shopping begins. After logging into your account or calling 1-888-727-2978, you get to redeem the points earned from recycling for special offers and deals. You need to have a certain amount of points for specific offers so the more you recycle, the more rewards you can redeem.

    According to RecycleBank, on average, households earn hundreds of dollars in reward value through annual recycling efforts. There are more than 20 categories to choose from, including Food and Grocery, Sports and Recreation, Entertainment, Health and Beauty, and Restaurants.

    Local reward partners include: Rita's Ice, DiBruno Brothers, The Please Touch Museum, Philly CarShare, and Mixto Bar & Restaurant. After you use your points to get a deal, the reward is then standard mailed to you. 

    Another unique feature is that members can track their household’s carbon footprint by seeing how many gallons of oil and how many trees their household has saved all because of their recycling efforts.

    So now not only are you making the planet healthier, creating jobs, and joining in that Philly pride, you're getting rewards that save you money.