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One Year of Firsts: Simplify, Starting With the Socks

Day 103



    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius

    Sometimes it is the little things that completely drive you nuts!

    Every single morning I go through a sock drawer looking for a matching pair of gym socks.  So, you say, "That's simple. Put the pairs together when they come out of the laundry."  Right. Except somehow when they come out of the laundry they don't come out in pairs.  Socks are missing. Some show up later. Who knows where socks go!!!

    Enough.  While it goes against my moral fiber to throw out what look like perfectly good socks, I'm getting rid of them all and starting over.  I'm going to simplify.

    Now in the dark, with my eyes closed I will succeed in finding two socks that match. Wish everything could be that simple.

    Lu Ann Cahn is an Emmy award-winning journalist who's been in the biz for more than 30 years. She's survived motherhood, breast cancer and chasing down bad guys. Now, Lu Ann's trying to complete a year of "firsts." Can she do it? She'll be posting daily here on