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One Year of Firsts: Indoor Rock Climbing

Day 76



    Life is a cement trampoline. ~Howard Nordberg

    Awesome! What an adrenaline rush! Indoor rock climbing is definitely something I want to try again. Here I am, (the up and the down), at Philadelphia's Go Vertical.

    Funny, I realized something in Mexico I didn't know about myself.  I really was pumped and felt joyful after repelling and zip lining. I like physical challenges like that. Seems kind of late in my life to start this kind of thing but I now know I like a workout where I'm not really sure what's going to happen next.

    Go Vertical just proved to me I don't have to be in the jungles of Mexico to get that thrill.  Watch this guy.

    Even though you are attached to a rope with a harness, it's unnerving looking for the next place to put your foot and you are challenging body and your mind.

    Kathleen Walker tries to explain what this is all about.

    The place was packed. People of all ages were climbing tonight.  I'm sold.

    You can learn more about Go Vertical at

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