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One Year of Firsts: Drive the Speed Limit EVERYWHERE!

Day 66



    One Year of Firsts: Drive the Speed Limit EVERYWHERE!
    LuAnn Cahn

    Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. ~Author Unknown

    Driving the speed limit is nearly impossible! AND people get pretty ticked at you.

    I was driving to the gym this morning around 8:30 on a 25 mph side street.  I was driving the speed limit.  A woman driving behind me was right on my tail, clearly crazed I was going so slow.  Turns out she was going to the gym too. (she pass me in the parking lot.)

    I really can't throw stones. On another day, I might be the crazed driver.   Here I am trying to go 50 mph on 76 East headed into  Philadelphia.



     The thing is, all day long I kept forgetting I was supposed to go the speed limit for my "first."  I would catch myself after driving for a few minutes and realize I was always almost 10 miles above the speed limit.

    Yep. I'm a habitual speeder.  I also think it's a little dangerous to drive slower than everyone else. Not to mention the fact there are some really nutty drivers out there. 

    I actually thought there was some road rage going on this morning when the driver was on my bumper.  But then I eyed her in my rearview mirror, sized her up and knew, she was just late for her spin class.  The worst she could do is throw her water bottle at me. 

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