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One Year of Firsts: Cross the Delaware on Foot

Day 27



    Walking is good for solving problems - it's like the feet are little psychiatrists. ~Pepper Giardino

    I don't remember who gave me this idea for a First, but whoever did, THANK YOU!

    I really didn't plan on doing this today. I was wearing a dress, three inch heels and an overcoat.I was thinking perhaps I'd be a vegetarian today. I wasn't too excited about that.

    Then I realized I was going over the Ben Franklin Bridge today for an interview and thought a little hike over the mile and a half span between Camden and Philly on the way back might clear my head.( Apparently not since you'll see I couldn't even remember what I did yesterday.)

    You meet the nicest people in the strangest places. After I talked to the joggers, a Port Authority Officer, Michael Jordan, (yes, that's his name) biked up behind me.

    I seriously think he was checking to see if I was a JUMPER! (Maybe it was the 3 inch heels).  Apparently he's had to talk a few people down recently.

    It took me about 40 minutes to walk during my lunch break.  I could have gone faster but my heels kept getting stuck in the cracks.  (and I kept stopping to talk) My ears hurt from the wind by the time I got to the other side.

    Regardless, it was lovely to see things from a different view.

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