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One Year of Firsts: Circle Works

Day 112



    The final story, the final chapter of western man, I believe, lies in Los Angeles. ~Phil Ochs

    I think I've mentioned that I love to eat in LA. There is no end to wonderful, fresh, fabulous crazy "never tried this before" food.

    Hoping, I can still button my jeans when I get back to Philly, I decided to try a new work out today.  I passed this place called Circuit Works in the Venice Beach area and decided to give it a go.

    Let me just say it was a blast in a "fruit basket upside down" , "shoe scramble" way, (you know those games where you run around looking for your shoes or clothes or something) .

    In this gym you're constantly moving  with 19 other people, through 10 different workout stations mixed in with cardio and changing places like musical chairs.  Loved it. (please forgive my shakey video.)

    I like the part in between when you have to find where you're supposed to go next.  Beep Beep. It's like a five second LA traffic jam and then it's over.

    Crazy huh?  Justin Roth is the general manager and kept everyone moving in my class.

    All I know is I was never bored, I was beat after an hour and I want to do it again. It was the closest thing I've experienced to getting an hour of personal training but in a class and it's a lot cheaper.

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