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Philadelphia Phillies

NBC Philadelphia’s Reporters Pick The Phils -- Duh



    NBC Philadelphia’s Reporters Pick The Phils -- Duh
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    Jimmy Rollins should expect more champgne showers, according to NBC Philadelphia.

    We asked some of the familiar faces from NBCPhiladelphia to give their World Series predictions and there were no surprises -- everyone picked the Phillies to beat the Yankees.

    The boldest prediction came from NBC 10 Investigative reporter Harry Hairston who picked the Phils to sweep the Yanks.

    Most other reporters saw the Phillies prevailing in a harder-fought series.

    Sports reporters Jade McCarthy and Vai Sikahema picked the Phils to take it in seven. A prediction shared by anchor Tim Lake.

    Why would it go seven?

    “I think this series is going to be a battle -- an absolute battle,” said McCarthy.

    Reporters Stacey Weaver and Tim Furlong were a bit more optimistic seeing the Phightins beating down the Bronx Bombers in six games.

    NBC Philadelphia broke down the series and picked the experienced Phillies to win it in seven.


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