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Get a Job Week: The Online Job Search



    Get a Job Week: The Online Job Search
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    Learn the "Top 10 Interview Mistakes from 2009" and then find out "How to Use Social Media to Get a Job."

    We wrapped up our Get a Job Week with a live chat on how to use the internet effectively during your job search.

    With so many job-related resources online, if you don't know where to focus, it can get overwhelmed.

    Job Consultant Todd Bavol from Integrity Staffing Solutions recommends letting the internet work for you in your job search.

    Sites like LinkedIn, Jigsaw and Facebook have tools that are often overlooked.

    "These tools help you stand out among the competition -- Today a job search must be treated like a personal marketing campaign," Bavol said.

    You can follow Todd -- Job Search Ninja -- on twitter.

    He chatted live with NBC10 viewers and you can benefit from the tips he passed along: