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Financially Hers: A Woman and Her Money



    CCCS Interview About "FinanciallyHers"

    Women and their money. Ladies, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is some solid education on how to handle your household finances. The Delaware Valley's Consumer Credit Counseling Service has a program called "FinanciallyHers" that could be the right fit for you. (Published Thursday, May 20, 2010)

    Offered by CCCS, FinanciallyHers is an ongoing financial education program designed for women to become more financially knowledgeable, helping them to make smarter financial choices.

    The program is a combination of ongoing workshops, one-on-one financial counseling and mentoring.

    A Woman and Her Money
    The first workshop lays the groundwork for the others. It’s not about the dollars and cents, it’s about a woman’s relationship with herself and how it effects the way she spends her money

    What not to do:
    -- Don't beat yourself up for making poor choices in the past
    -- Don’t throw up your hands and think things can never change
    -- Don’t expect everyone else around you to be financially responsible

    What to do:
    -- Identify what’s influencing your money
    -- Must take responsibility
    -- Realize you are extremely capable of handling your money
    -- Daily small decisions have a great impact

    A Woman and Her Credit
    Your Credit is your financial reputation in the world.

    3 Key Reasons for Woman to Use Credit Responsibly
    -- Many women are staying single longer or not marrying at all and are purchasing homes where credit impacts their interest rates or ability to purchase
    -- Women are starting their own business at a rapid rate and need credit for appropriate funding
    -- Divorce, death or separation can leave a woman who’s unprepared in financial confusion