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One Year of Firsts: Walk to The White House

Day 59



    One Year of Firsts: Walk to The White House
    LuAnn Cahn
    Day 59: Workout by the White House

    Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. ~Moshe Dayan

    Still in D.C. this morning, the choice was get on the hotel "dread mill" or take a brisk walk to the White House.  Not much of a choice really. I've been in the White House for press conferences before. But a workout walk to the White House and around the grounds is a First.

    Being newsy and all, my friend and I couldn't help but notice there was more security around the White House than we expected.  Suddenly a chopper landed and took off.

    Turns out the President was being taken to get his physical in Bethesda this morning.  We stood with other tourists feeling very satisfied  that our walk turned into a little "Forrest Gump" moment. 

    Later, I got into a cab, refreshed from my morning walk. I heard politicians debating health care on the cab radio. The cabbie waved his arms in frustration. "Why can't they fix this?" he said out loud. He wasn't talking to me. He was talking back to the radio.  "I can't afford a doctor."   He swung the car around the Capitol toward the train station.

    On the news, I heard the President got a clean bill of health today, and the health care bill is in critical condition.

    And as I left town, I thought about all the people asking  "Is there a doctor in the House?"


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