Who's the Manliest of Them All?

Charlotte, NC takes 1st , Philly jumps to 10th

The results are in and the city of Charlotte, N.C. takes the award for head honcho of macho.

But, don't fret men of the City of Brotherly Love -- you can still claim Top 10 status.

The 2nd annual America’s Manliest Cities "study", conducted by COMBOS Snacks and research expert Bert Sperling (known for BestPlaces), assessed 50 metropolitan areas on their levels of masculinity.

How does our City of Brotherly Love measure up?

Standing tall at 10th place, a robust 20-spot jump from last year.

You might be thinking, what does Charlotte have that the home of Rocky Balboa doesn’t?


“Charlotte is NASCAR country so we’re not surprised that they’ve taken over the top spot. After all, COMBOS® has been the ‘Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR’ since 2002,” said general manager Craig Hall, according to MARS.com.

The study was ranked on criteria such as home improvement stores, steak houses, pickup trucks and motorcycles per capita, major league sports teams, manly magazine subscriptions, and salty snack sales.

Manly occupations was the new category added this year showing some love to firefighters, policemen, EMS personnel, and construction workers -- Philly probably got a bump thanks to our great service personnel.

Points were deducted for the Kryptonite category, which is weighed on the number of retail stores in your city such as coffee shops, sushi restaurants, and modern male apparel stores.

Overall, it looks like the men in our area have upped their testosterone in the past year and it’s paid off.

For a full list of this year's rankings, go to the America Manliest Cities site.

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