Tubby Cat Isn’t Your Typical Stray

Fat cat dubbed Henry VIII for his wide load

Fat cat 1
Cumberland County SPCA

No, that's not Garfield. But this guy could pass as his twin.

This 25-pound -- yep, you read that right -- orange and white cat was found meandering through Bridgeton, N.J. last week.

Henry VIII, as he's been dubbed by animal control in homage to his slight girth, is obviously not your typical stray.

"Surely one could not overlook the fact that their cat, their very large cat, has not been home for dinner for several days," Cumberland County SPCA officials wrote. "At the very least, they should notice that their cat food bill has gone way down."

The 8-year-old neutered feline is being boarded inside a double-sized cage, which is still too small, officials say.

So they are making a public plea for his owners to come pick him up before they run out of supplies and put him up for adoption.

If Henry's owners don't come forward in a week, he'll be available for all you chubby kitty lovers out there.

Just keep in mind -- you may need to take out a second mortgage.

If you'd like to claim Henry, call the Cumberland County SPCA at 856.691.1500. And then shoot an email to tips@nbcphiladelphia.com to tell us what you're feeding this dude!

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