There She Is, Miss Crustacean

Grey's Crab Anatomy wears the crown

Forget Atlantic City and Miss America, Ocean City, N.J., is the home of the most prestigious pageant down the shore. Miss Crustacean is so much than young women in bikinis -- it's crabs dressed up in costumes and placed in alluring dioramas. Hot, right?

The crusty beauties participating in Wednesday's Miss Crustacean Pageant faced some hard competition as they clawed their way to immortality. Creativity is the name of this game and these hermit crabs brought it -- from little ladies dressed as princesses and doctors to the big divas donning Batman and Transformer duds.

So which of these magnificent crabs shell-shocked their competition to take home the crown?

Grey's Crab Anatomy crawled down the flower-adorned runway giving fans a show after she copped the coveted Cucumber Rid Cup. The winner hails from Mohnton, Pa. Strutting her way to a second place finish was Princess Crab in all of her girly glory.

But the pageant wasn't the only excitement for Ocean City vacationers. Talented crabathletes from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware stretched out those shells and showcased their athletic talent. Waddling his way to victory was Batman, a quick crab from West Chester, Pa.

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