Dalmatian Delight! 18 Puppies

Puppies related to original star of Disney's movie, "102 Dalmatians"

It's enough to get Cruella conniving again!

18 dalmatian puppies, which is a record litter for mom, Button.

Button is the daughter of one of the stars of 102 Dalmatians, the sequel to the Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians.

The owners, Nicola and George Morley were on the Today Show Friday, January 9th.

WATCH: You can watch the raw video of the puppies with their owners, Nicola and George Morley. They were on the Today Show, Friday, January 9th. This uncut version is just under 5 minutes. If you stick around for the very end, there's a cute quip after the "official" interview ends.  Work Alert: turn the sound down :)

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Some fun facts about Button and her brood:

  • The pups were delivered by C-section 2 days before Christmas.
  • The litter was the biggest delivery ever at Chine House Veterinary Hospital, Sileby.
  • The Morley family is keeping one dog, Rudolph.
  • The feeding and care are around-the-clock jobs.
  • The owners had to color code the pups when they were born in order to tell them apart.
  • They have Christmas names now, like Rudolph and Snowflake.
  • Button gave birth to 16 puppies in 2007. One was stillborn.
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