Annoy The Quacking Hell out of Us: Guide “The Ducks”

One of Philly’s most notorious tourist attractions, known for annoying locals with its incessant quacking and duck-call equipped tourists, is looking for entertainers this summer.

 “Ride the Ducks” is looking for people to work as tour guides. Auditions will be held March 6-7 by appointment only. Register for an appointment by calling the employee hotline at (215) 227-3825, ext. 18, or e-mail

Guides will be touring historical Philadelphia on the World War II amphibious vessel and engaging guests with historical information of the city.

They are hiring people for ambassador positions, also. Ambassadors entertain and board guests on to the vessel and also work with ticket sales and customer service.

Seasonal part-time and full-time positions are available as well as seasonal benefits for employees.

Visit for more information about the tour and auditions.

This historical attraction began in Philly in 2003 and now uses 14 vessels to chauffeur tourists, and annoy locals. The land and water tour of historical Philadelphia can be one interesting summer job.

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