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Comcast: Redefining Philadelphia

Comcast: Redefining Philadelphia

The company announces new skyscraper that will change the Philly skyline

"Reverse the Curse" William Penn Statue to Remain Atop Philly



    "Reverse the Curse" Statue to Remain Atop Philly

    Comcast expects to move a tiny statute of William Penn intended to reverse the curse against Philly sports teams to be moved above the new Comcast tower. (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    Philadelphia will soon have a new skyscraper towering over the city, but a familiar good luck charm will have a top perch.

    A small statue of William Penn is credited with reversing a 25-year championship drought among city sports teams.

    Historically, no building in Philadelphia could be taller than the William Penn statue atop City Hall.

    The tradition ended in the mid-1980s -- and the title drought ensued.

    Comcast set out to “reverse the curse” by placing a small William Penn figurine on top of the office tower it opened in 2007.

    The Phillies won the World Series the following year.

    Comcast is now planning an even taller tower next door.

    But a Comcast spokesman says William Penn will be moving up, too, when the 59-story tower opens in 2017.

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