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"Ruthless" Kids Make Greedy Candy Grab

Tweens take more than their fare share of treats outside local home



    Greedy Trick-or-Treaters Grab All the Treats

    Surveillance video shows a group of girls taking a ton of candy from outside a family's home in Delaware County. (Published Friday, Nov. 1, 2013)

    You can’t trust the devil – especially when she’s a tween on the hunt for some candy. That’s the lesson Sean Gane and his family learned this Halloween.

    “It’s my own fault. I thought the honor system would take hold, but obviously it didn’t,” he said.

    The 27-year-old and his wife left their Ridley Township, Pa. home on Thursday evening to take their son trick-or-treating at his grandmother’s house nearby. Not wanting to stiff any of the kids in his own small, three block neighborhood, Gane left a big bowl of candy on his front step with instructions.

    But a only a few “ruthless” candy-seekers got to enjoy the treats, as Gane learned when he returned home.

    “I put a note on the door to take a handful of candy. And, they did take a handful,” he said.

    Surveillance video from outside the family’s front door captured a greedy gaggle of girls taking nearly all of the sweets in one shot.

    In the video, one girl, dressed like a devil – horns, pointy tail and all – picks up the bowl and pours most of the candy into her bag. Her friend also takes a generous fistful while the devil picks out a few more pieces. Then two other friends come up and pretty much finish off the bowl.

    Seeing the girls’ greed, angered and disappointed Gane and his wife.

    “The kids nowadays, they just don’t have any care for anybody but themselves,” he said. “It’s just upsetting that they there was second set of kids coming through and there was no candy left for anyone else.”

    Gane said he doesn’t recognize the girls, but believes it’s poor parenting that led to their selfish candy grab.

    “I blame the parents,” he said.

    Still, he says, there is a silver lining in the situation.

    “At least I don’t have all the candy to deal with,” he said.

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