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Pipe Crashes Through School Bus Window

Noise literally awakens man



    Pipe Crashes Through School Bus Window
    Alex Dibeler
    An NBC10.com user literally was woken up when this pipe crashed into a Rose Tree Media school bus Feb. 28, 2013.

    A “chilling” moment in Media, Pa. this morning when a metal pipe wound up lodged right through the side of a Rose Tree Media school bus carrying high school students.

    Luckily, no one was hurt.

    It happened outside of Alex Dibeler’s house on 5th Street between Orange and Olive Streets. Dibeler (@TheDibe) didn’t see the incident but he said it literally woke him up. He rushed to his window and shot the photo you see and sent it to @NBCPhiladelphia’s Twitter account.An+NBC10.com+user+literally+was+woken+up+when+this+pipe+crashed+into+a+Rose+Tree+Media+school+bus+Feb.+28%2C+2013.

    “My first thought when I saw the situation was to see if there were any children in the bus...  Chilling thoughts about what might have been if there were kids in there,” Dibeler wrote in an email to NBC10.com.

    Rose Tree Media School District Superintendent James Wigo said two high school students were actually on board -- seated in the front two rows of the yellow bus. He didn’t identify the students or say what school they attend.

    Wigo said the incident appeared to purely be an accident -- that the bus came along at the same time the worker happened to be unloading the pipe. The pipe wound up lodged through a window in the middle of the bus.

    It’s a “really odd position that it ended up in,” Dibeler said.