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Philly Jesus: 'God's Number for Me is Seven' -- $70M



    Philly Jesus: 'God's Number for Me is Seven' -- $70M
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    Philly Jesus' attempt to raise $70 million so he can take his message of Christ worldwide got off to an anemic start, but that isn't keeping him from keeping the faith.

    More than a week into his GoFundMe campaign, Philly Jesus had raised just $67.

    "I do believe with all my heart that God is going to make this prosper because he knows my heart, he knows the sincerity of my heart," Philly Jesus, whose given name is Michael Grant, told NBC10.

    Grant has spent about two years preaching to whoever is willing to listen while taking plenty of selfies near Love Park in Center City, and even performing his fair share of park fountain baptisms.

    Originally, his goal for global reach started with raising $70,000 for a Philly Jesus-mobile — like the popemobile. That fundraising effort stalled at $1,600 before he launched his loftier multimillion dollar campaign last week.

    So why $70 million?

    "It's the breakdown and expenses of what the Philly Jesus Ministry is gonna be," said Grant. "It's going to need that to go global."

    He also said he has a special place for the number seven since it is greater than the devil's number of 666.

    "God's number for me is seven," he said.

    He lists "tour buses," "helicopter/jet," business cards, computer equipment, cameras, "working capital" and "Building/stadium" in a breakdown of items the $70 million would fund.

    "I'm just trying to further what I do and take it across the globe... bringing the story of Christ to life on the streets and preaching the word of God to all creation," he said.

    If Grant reaches his goal, he'll travel to "all countries that will let me step foot on their land," but promises not to forget his roots.

    "I'll definitely be at LOVE Park even when this goes globally and I'm traveling all over the world and doing what I do at LOVE Park around the world, I will be making visits back to LOVE Park on a regular basis because that's where it all started," he said.

    For now, Grant continues to share the message of Christ. And naturally, he has plans for the holiday season.

    "Christmas is coming up and I'm going to be out on the streets of Philadelphia putting the 'Christ' in Christmas," he said.