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No "Purge" Coming to Philly Tonight



    No "Purge" Coming to Philly Tonight
    This flier about a "purge" rumored to be happening in Philly on Friday. But it's all a hoax.

    It's August 22. The day a roving band of crazies are set to take to the streets of Philadelphia and undertake a crime spree of monumental proportions.

    But, never fear. It's all just a big fat hoax.

    Rumors have been swirling on social networks for two weeks now about the state-sanctioned mass killing, dreamed up as the plot line for the Universal film "The Purge," coming to life in our town. They were quickly debunked (as we told you earlier this week): here, here and here.

    Although, some of the more gullible among us worked themselves up into a hysteria-ridden froth warning people to stay at home.

    And because they must always be prepared, local law enforcement agencies were warned to be on the look out for psychos tonight.

    But just so you can hear it from the horse's mouth, a spokesperson for Philadelphia Police tells that the department has heard of no credible "purge" plans for tonight.

    So feel free to live your life as normal. You shouldn't be any less safe tonight...than any other Friday in the summer.

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