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Mutilated Bodies of Cats Found in Philly Neighborhood



    Imagine someone killing cats and leaving them on your doorstep. Christine Maddela is in Mayfair where four kittens were found stomped to death in a backyard shed. (Published Monday, Aug. 18, 2014)

    Gruesome discoveries in the city’s Mayfair section have led to concerns for the safety of stray kittens in the neighborhood.

    “It’s gruesome,” said Raymond Boyce. “It’s sick.”

    Boyce says he was at home with his fiancée last week when he heard a knock at his door.

    “Some little girl knocked on the door and said there were kids trying to hurt the cats,” Boyce said.

    The girl directed Boyce to a shed on Lardner Street.

    “I walked in and I thought I was going to throw up,” Boyce said. “I went in and saw four dead cats. The only things left were skulls, fur and little bones here and there.”

    Gina Albater, also of Mayfair, told NBC10 her neighbor made a similar discovery last week as well. According to Albater, two dead cats were found on her neighbor’s front lawn and across from her home on Harbison Avenue.

    Boyce and Albater filed police reports and also contacted officials with animal welfare, who are now investigating. No arrests have been made and investigators have not released a description of any suspects.

    “These are innocent little creatures,” Albater said. “They don’t know how to hate. They don’t know what hate is. All they know how to do is love, eat and purr. There’s no reason to hurt them.”