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Man Fires Guns to Celebrate New Job: Cops

Central Pa. man charged with shooting a bullet over the Pennsylvania Turnpike



    Man Fires Guns to Celebrate New Job: Cops
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    People celebrate getting a job different ways, some have a drink, some go out to dinner while others celebrate in more obscure manners.

    For one Pennsylvania man, landing a gig after a job hunt prompted him to shoot his guns and one of those shots might have gone over the Pennsylvania Turnpike, according to police outside Harrisburg.

    Dmico Davenport, Jr. of Middletown, Pa. was charged Tuesday with five counts of reckless endangerment, three counts of disorderly conduct and one count of propulsion of a missile onto a roadway, according to Middletown (Dauphin County) Police.

    Police say that Davenport confessed that he and a friend were celebrating Davenport’s new job when he pulled the trigger five times using a 9-mm handgun and shotgun.

    On Saturday night around 9, officers were called out to the 300 block of Aspen Street after neighbors heard gunshots, police said.

    Officers didn’t find anything and returned to the police station. About 30 minutes later police say they returned to the block after more shots were heard -- again finding nothing.

    They returned a third time for a report of shots fired and, after talking to neighbors, focused in on a home that is next to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. No one was home when police returned the next day but they left a note for someone to contact investigators, cops said.

    The woman who owns the home contacted police, let them inside and showed investigators the gun safes where her deceased husband kept his hunting weapons, police said.

    The woman’s grandson, Davenport, who also was living in the house returned home, opened the safes for investigators and allegedly told officers that he was shooting guns in the backyard Saturday night. His reasoning was that he was excited over getting a full-time job and was celebrating with a friend by shooting at a stump.

    One problem, though: it seems he missed the stump and hit some nearby sheds -- investigators found three bullet holes and shotgun damage to the sheds, while police say one bullet appeared to go between the sheds and went over the turnpike. There was no indication that the bullet was recovered.

    Police say there is no evidence of Davenport being under the influence and they say he cooperated with investigators.

    In case you were wondering, police say no occupation was listed on the arrest report.

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