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Cow Leads Deputies on Chase in Hildago County



    A cow that fell from her trailer on a highway in Hildago County, led deputies and her handlers on a chase on the road and through a citrus grove before she was captured in a family's backyard. (Published Friday, June 12, 2015)

    Thursday was a rough day for a cow in Hidalgo County, but she survived being dumped onto the highway and leading deputies on a chase.

    She was on her way to San Isidro when the door on the trailer flew open, spilling her into traffic of Expressway 281.

    "The latch just popped open on a bump, all the bumps that the expressway has, latch came out and it just came undone," said Jaime Carrales, who was transporting the cow. "Luckily, I looked in the mirror, and there she was on the side. She was on the ground."

    Traffic stopped as a Hidalgo County Sheriff's deputies and several other men chased the baffled two-year-old bovine.

    She wasn't interested in being tied up again, so she jumped the divider and ran toward an open field.

    As her handlers closed in, she found cover in a citrus grove.

    "This has never happened to me before," Carrales said. "Obviously she was in pain. She doesn't look like she broke anything, but she's scarred up."

    A team of four men tried to corral the 1000-pound cow and only found success when she got cornered in a family's backyard.

    "Luckily, the sheriff (deputy) was close in the area and he had a rope," Carrales said. "And we had to rope her and we had some hard time getting her in, but we did. Luckily nobody got hurt."

    Carrales said she didn't have a name before, but they'll start calling her 'Lucky' now.