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Video of Chewbacca Caroling 'Silent Night' Goes Viral



    The latest yuletide video featuring Chewbacca is much, much better than 1978's much-maligned "Star Wars Holiday Special."

    Popular YouTube channel "How It Should Have Ended", which normally creates short cartoons with alternate endings to movies and TV shows (including the Star Wars films), posted a mash-up of scenes of the galaxy's most famous Wookie appearing to sing "Silent Night."

    The channel explained that the video is one that gets re-shared every holiday season, but was actually created in 1999 by Scott Anderson.

    On his website, Anderson explains that he made the song after a coworker gave musician Paul Todd the nickname "Chewbacca." Anderson said that Todd had worked with his company to create a CD titled "Christmas with Paul Todd," so he started by creating a new album cover featuring Chewbacca. 

    Anderson said he decided to take the goof one step further and mapped sounds of Chewie's trademark growls and roars onto a synthesizer, which he then played to the tune of "Silent Night."

    "How It Should Have Ended's" video adaptation of Anderson's song has already been viewed more than 500,000 times since it was posted Wednesday. The video also became a trending item on Facebook Thursday.