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A Groundhog in a Sticky Situation

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here's the story behind this one.



    A Groundhog in a Sticky Situation
    NBC10 Viewer photo from Kingsley Obialor, West Chester, Pa.

    NBC10 viewer Kingsley Obialor, of West Chester, Pa., emailed us this picture over the weekend, showing a groundhog with what appears to be a small tin can stuck on his head.

    Maybe he was hungry and searching for a snack? Or is curiosity not just a problem for cats, but groundhogs too?

    Obialor tells us his neighbor first discovered the groundhog in distress. Working together, they came up with a plan to set him free.

    "(I) firmly and carefully pressed the broomstick between its head and neck, and gently twisted and pulled the container off its neck," Obialor tells NBC10.

    The groundhog was able to run free-- all thanks to a broomstick and some neighborly teamwork.