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With more people opting out of traditional Christmas lights and choosing instead to create over-the-top laser displays, the Federal Aviation Administration warns these powerful beams could shoot past homes...

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<![CDATA[Video Shows Identity Thieves Skydiving Over Long Island: Police]]> Fri, 08 Dec 2017 20:41:06 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/SKYDIVING+ID+THEFT+SUSPECTS+LI+5+PICS+-+01002510_WNBC_000000018.jpg
Authorities on Long Island are looking to catch a couple they say were living the high life with a stolen credit card number.Police in New York's Suffolk County released dive video of the man and woman Friday.]]>
<![CDATA[Birdnapper Stuffs Parrot in Pocket in NYC Pet Store Robbery]]> Fri, 08 Dec 2017 18:55:43 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/BIRD+STOLEN+FROM+PET+STORE+BK+-+01002122_WNBC_000000018964905.jpg
Cops are on the lookout for a man seen on video swiping an exotic parrot from a Brooklyn pet store.Police say the birdnapper walked into Petland Discounts on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg on Tuesday and...

Photo Credit: NYPD
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<![CDATA[On a Bet, Chesco Principal Camps Out on Roof]]> Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:40:05 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/Chester_County_Principal_Camps_Out_for_a_Cause.jpg
A Chester County middle school principal braves the elements on a bet to spend the night on the roof of the school and it's all for a good cause.
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<![CDATA[Miracle Cat Survives Fall, Trash Compactor]]> Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:43:50 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/0115D68B.jpg
Authorities in Atlantic County are ready to take action after a cat was discovered alive in a high-rise apartment building's garbage compactor after being thrown down the trash chute from 10 stories up, and they...

Photo Credit: Ted Greenburg]]>
<![CDATA[Overturned Big Rig Spills Vodka Onto Ramp to Interstate 95]]> Thu, 07 Dec 2017 18:28:43 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/195*120/Titos+Vodka+Truck+Crash+2.JPG
A tractor-trailer spilled its load of boxes of vodka onto a busy area interchange Thursday morning causing hours of closures.

Photo Credit: NBC10
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<![CDATA[Obese Squirrel Steals Ghirardelli, Blistex From NJ Family]]> Thu, 07 Dec 2017 09:18:43 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/squirrel+steals+tray+treats.jpg
A New Jersey family was stunned to find the holiday treat tray they put on their front stoop each year ransacked — until they caught an obese, thieving squirrel in the act.Michele Howley says her family places...

Photo Credit: Michele Howley]]>
<![CDATA[Armed Man Tells Police Trump Ordered Him to Fight Lizard People]]> Tue, 05 Dec 2017 20:51:25 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/lizardguyak47.jpg
A Washington state man who “snorted methamphetamine to lose weight” and caused alarm by waving an AK-47 at a busy intersection while shouting that President Donald Trump ordered him to fight “the lizard people,”...

Photo Credit: Pierce County Sheriff's Department
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<![CDATA[NJ Police 'Charge' Furry Pest Behind Christmas Vandalism]]> Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:07:11 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/Sea+Girt+Squirrel+Thumb.jpg
The case of the broken holiday lights has been solved in Sea Girt, New Jersey, and an unsuspecting Grinch was behind it all.
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<![CDATA[Texas Cheerleader Goes Viral With 'Invisible Box Challenge']]> Tue, 05 Dec 2017 18:51:40 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/215*120/Invisible+Box+Challenge.jpg
A Texas cheerleader's stunt has now become the latest viral social media sensation. Ariel Olivar recorded the stunt on the sidelines of a playoff game between the Manvel Mavericks and Cedar Park Timberwolves...

Photo Credit: "Today"
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<![CDATA[Olympians Share Their Biggest Travel Pet Peeves]]> Mon, 04 Dec 2017 13:56:51 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/Pet+Peeves+Thumb.jpg
With holiday travel season coming up, members of Team USA, who are constantly on the road themselves, share the small travel annoyances that really grind their gears.]]>
<![CDATA[Shirtless Man Storms NJ Hockey Rink, Berates Players: Police]]> Mon, 04 Dec 2017 08:03:50 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-452716936.jpg
A man angry over a missing jersey interrupted a hockey game in New Jersey to taunt players over their lack of skills and show them his tattoos, police say.

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<![CDATA[What Is This Jellyfish-Like Creature Washing Up on Texas Beaches?]]> Fri, 01 Dec 2017 09:23:15 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/manowarjelly.jpg
Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing up on the Texas coast.]]>
<![CDATA[Check Out the 'World's Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree']]> Fri, 01 Dec 2017 08:13:10 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/underwater+tree+scuba+and+shark_26126494.jpg

Photo Credit: NBC10]]>
<![CDATA[Fort Worth Police Video Imagines Chewbacca's First Day on the Force ]]> Thu, 30 Nov 2017 09:29:45 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/fwpdchewbacca.gif
The Fort Worth Police Department is full of "Star Wars" geeks, apparently.A rather elaborate video was published to the department's official Facebook page Wednesday showing Chewbacca's first day on the...

Photo Credit: Fort Worth PD
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<![CDATA[Search for Wedding Ring Owner]]> Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:07:16 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/Search_for_Wedding_Rings_Owner.jpg
A South Jersey woman is making it her mission to find whoever lost a gold wedding right while shopping over Thanksgiving weekend. NBC10's South Jersey Bureau reporter Cyndey Long has the story.]]>
<![CDATA[No, Christmas Tree: Police Warn Against This Kind of Tree Transport]]> Tue, 28 Nov 2017 07:15:58 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/215*120/Sudbury+Car+Tree.jpg
Police in one Massachusetts town say if you're going to pick up a Christmas tree this year, make sure to transport it responsibly.Sudbury police posted a photo to their Facebook page Friday afternoon,...

Photo Credit: Sudbury Police Dept.]]>
<![CDATA[Charitable Students Duct Tape Principal to the Wall]]> Tue, 28 Nov 2017 08:34:54 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/214*120/A_Sticky_Situation_Pays_Off.jpg
Peter Alston, the principal of Thomas Fitzwater Elementary in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania fulfilled his promise to let his students duct tape him to the wall, after they raised nearly $29,000 for the school's...]]>
<![CDATA[You Can Be a Child's Secret Santa by Answering Letter Wish]]> Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:53:10 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/Santa+Letter.jpg
Since 1912, the United States Postal Service has provided people with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

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<![CDATA[Popular YouTube Videos May Have Psychologically Harmed Kids]]> Fri, 24 Nov 2017 23:20:47 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/youtube-logo.jpg
“Toy Freaks,” a popular YouTube channel followed by millions, was deactivated by the site last week for violating policies against child endangerment, NBC News reports.The channel, run by single father Gregory...

Photo Credit: Danny Moloshok/AP]]>
<![CDATA[Woman Steals Gifts From NYC Apt, Leaves Dirty Kitty Litter]]> Wed, 22 Nov 2017 09:52:33 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/grinch+nyc.jpg
A woman was caught on camera stealing presents from a West Harlem apartment building and residents say the only gift she left behind was a bag of dirty kitty litter.Residents tell NBC 4 New York that the woman...]]>
<![CDATA[58 Indian Soldiers Ride a Single Motorcycle to Break Record]]> Wed, 22 Nov 2017 12:36:41 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/thumbIndian.jpg
After six months of dieting and two failed attempts, 58 members of the 'Tornadoes', a motorcycle display team of the Indian Army, climbed onto a motorcycle together to break a world record. The Indian Army broke]]>
<![CDATA[For Sale: Lee Harvey Oswald's Original Grave Marker]]> Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:28:31 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/214*120/oswald+headstone.JPG
A Dallas bar owner is trying to figure out what to do with Lee Harvey Oswald's original grave marker, 54 years after Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy in Dallas."It's in excellent condition," said...

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Trio of Elephants Get Up-Close Look at Georgia Highway Fire]]> Tue, 21 Nov 2017 09:47:50 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/tennessee+elephant+truck+fire.jpg
Firefighters battling a truck fire in Georgia early Monday probably couldn't ignore the elephant in the room — three elephants, that is, standing by the side of the highway.They'd been evacuated from...

Photo Credit: Chattanooga Police Dept. via Chattanooga Fire Dept.]]>
<![CDATA[6-Foot Croc Spotted Sunbathing on Florida Beach]]> Tue, 21 Nov 2017 11:12:34 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/213*120/112017+crocodile+captured+hollywood+beach.jpg
A 6-foot crocodile was spotted sun bathing on a Florida beach Monday morning, drawing dozens of onlookers as it sat in the surf.Police responded to Hollywood Beach near N. Surf Road and Haynes Street...

Photo Credit: NBC 6
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<![CDATA[Driverless Car Veers Down Road, Slams Into NJ School]]> Thu, 16 Nov 2017 21:51:15 -0500 https://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/190*120/Lakewood+runaway+car.JPG
A driverless car slammed into a school Thursday morning following a minor accident nearby, according to The Lakewood Scoop.

Photo Credit: The Lakewood Scoop]]>