Save Easy With Clipless Coupons

We have seen the future of grocery shopping, and it's coupon-clicking, not clipping.

Superfresh introduced customers to a new way to save money, paper and aggravation -- Red Tag Online Savings.

The grocery store’s new online feature eliminates the troublesome task of searching through hundreds of paper coupons in order to find the deals you want. Now shoppers can simply go online and click whatever coupons they desire.

The coupons get sent to the customer’s Superfresh Club Card and the savings are automatically deducted after scanning your store card at checkout. All the savings appear itemized on the receipt as well, so you know you’re getting all the deals you selected before shopping.

Customers can save up to 40 coupons in their account at one time.

Superfresh's new saving mechanism brings just one question to mind: Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes, so click here and enter the new era of grocery shopping -- and saving.

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