Drew's Blame-a-Thon

9-9-09 is a big date for sales, weddings and Beatles fans but it also is a big date for a local guy battling cancer.

Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this past May. Since then he turned to social networks like Twitter and Facebook to blame pretty much everything on cancer and to share his battle with the masses.

Drew Olanoff is a huge Phillyl sports fan (in case you couldn't tell).

Blame Drew’s Cancer was born and the hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer became a rally cry for networkers around the country who wanted to let Drew know that he wasn’t alone in his battle against disease.

Wednesday Olanoff and his supporters are holding a 24-hour Blame-a-Thon at the North Star Bar to raise money in the hope of defeating cancer. Tickets are available for the big event, which starts at noon as more than a dozen bands (including Filmstar, The Press and Swift Technique) take the stage for just $15 online or $20 at the door.

And throughout the day check out the live podcast. You can even directly interact with Drew (he's the guy in the Phillies jersey) -- he even answered a question on his Twitter feed from NBC Philadelphia while we were writing this article.

And all the proceeds from this event and the entire movement will go to Livestrong once Drew “beats up on cancer.”

@Drew -- Best of luck man.

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