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A "License to Tase" Philly Fans

Are you ready to take on disorderly fans in "Phillies Assassin?"



    A "License to Tase" Philly Fans
    Play "Phillies Assassin" if you dare.

    The bad behavior of a handful of Phillies fans has tarnished the view of Phightins fans in the national spotlight.

    And now those bad seeds have inspired a Phillies-themed shoot-em-up video game.

    Phillies Assassin: License to Tase brings together regrettable Phillies fan moments from Pukemon to Susan Finkelstein to the beer bottle boy in one game.

    The taser theme stems from an incident in early May when teenager Steve Consalvi bolted out onto the field at Citizens Bank Park only to be stopped by a bolt of electricity from the well-aimed taser of a Philly cop.

    It was apparently the first time a taser was used to take down a field jumper.

    But the tasing wasn't the only moment that inspired the game. Let the guys over at TAUNTR.com (the host of the free online game) explain what it’s all about.

    “Philly fans have been in the news quite a bit recently, even more than normal. The most notorious fan base in all of professional sports in the United States really needs to calm down. Nothing can tame the savage Philly fan quite like a good shock of electricity from a taser.”

    The game puts players in the role of CBP security -- with a taser in hand. In Round 1 you have to knock out field runners like Consalvi and in Round 2 you take on underage drinkers. As for Round 3 -- we will let you find out for yourself.

    The goal is to shoot the correct targets and not let the “PR Disaster Meter” fill up.

    It should be noted that the game has a Mature rating for containing “Philadelphia.”

    Ouch that’s a swipe at the City of Brotherly Love.

    In any case, good luck and good tasing.