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Brand New MacBook Pro Perfume Created

Professional fragrance makers enlisted to recreate the smell of Apple’s signature laptop



    Brand New MacBook Pro Perfume Created
    An artistic collaborative have recreated the smell of a brand new MacBook Pro

    You've heard of new car smell air fresheners, but Greatest Hits, an artistic collaborative group based in Australia, has concocted a fragrance more in line with this generation: brand new MacBook Pro.

    And it’s not shaped like a pine tree or attached to a string, either.
    The group ordered fragrance samples of glue, plastic, rubber and paper from the south of France to capture the smell of Apple’s machine as it leaves the box for the first time. Working alongside Air Aroma, an international “scent-marketing” solutions and technology company, the two groups ultimately came up with something of which they're very proud.
    "Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell," said Air Aroma's Alex Cosic.
    Created for an exhibition at the West Space in Melbourne, the fragrance is not for sale. Those who want at least to fool their noses into believing their MacBook Pro is a few years younger will have to think of another solution.
    The exhibition runs through May 10.