Zookeeper Confirms: An Eagle Would Destroy a Falcon in Real Life

Ever watch the BBC's Planet Earth? Or Nat Geo's Wild?

Love those shows when they highlight footage of a jaguar fighting a crocodile in nature.

With that said, we wanted to know what would happen if an eagle fought a falcon in real life, so we took a trip down to the Philadelphia Zoo to talk with one of their bird experts.

We spoke with Nora Skochinsky, a birdkeeper at the zoo, who points out the eagle has a tremendous size and strength advantage while the falcon does have some serious speed.

"While it is unlikely, the eagles probably have the advantage over the falcons due to their size and power. The falcons are very fast and very agile but I would say the eagles definitely have that advantage," Skochinsky said.

Let's see it in real life on Saturday.

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