Invite “Hollywood” to Your Wedding

Freddie Mitchell's looking for a couple of key invites.

Freddie Mitchell sure has a lot of time on his hands these days – enough to tape and upload video vignettes, write his own blog and answer life's most persistent questions about (who else?) Freddie Mitchell.

Questions like, "Did u ever try and talk to coach Reid about gettin back to Philly?" - Korys stuff.

"Kory, a big misconception here is that I was cut from the team, when in fact, I asked Coach Reid to be released. Thinking back on it now, I should have gone to the media and informed them first that I was asking to be released, rather than it looking like I was being cut from the team."

We've been monitoring Freddie's new online adventure since hearing about it on Bleeding Green Nation in a BroadStreetBullies post that affectionately refers to FredEx as "The Sultan of Slot."

In the same way some people never get over high school, it seems Freddie may never get over the Eagles. 

Freddie on the 4th and 26

He spent time this past weekend reminiscing about his most famous Philly moment, the 4th and 26 play.

Before that, Freddie addressed his "fans and haters" with a promise to return to the NFL.

And in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Freddie wanted to let us all know he's been listening. Although when we tried to hear what he had to say, his new blog links weren't working (maybe he held on to that seven-pound mystery package of pot someone mistakenly sent his 90-year old grandmother? Just sayin'…).

It's not Confucious or Jack Handy or Dear Abby-esque so don't log on looking for a spiritual journey. Do log on for Freddie's reflections on everything from politics to football, relationships and even fashion:

Big D.J.'s friends were making fun of the sweater vest he wore in the winter. Freddie weighed in with "...when ever people hate on you it makes you stronger. What you wear doesn’t matter…you’ll be a trend setter and you’ll be surprised, they’ll wear the same when you aren’t around…"

eagleyankee22 wants to know why the Eagles didn't use Freddie more:
"I think that the powers that be made that decision, possibly because my relationship with Donovan wasn’t all that comfortable…"

bertee wonders why this immense talent is not playing football anymore:
"Thanks! I hope to play again…I am training everyday and am at 100%. I wake up every day missing the smell of the football field …"

And our personal favorite is Hollywood's self-deprecating answer to a question from an Eagles fan who invited TO to his wedding and wondered if Owens ever even saw the invitation.

" should have invited a small time guy, like myself...I would have "

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