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Welcome to the House that Geeks Built

Bombers unveil plans for a wired experience at new stadium



    Welcome to the House that Geeks Built
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    The facade of the new Yankee Stadium recalls the glorious past of the famed franchise. But inside the stadium all the features will be cutting edge.

    The new $1.3 billion Yankee Stadium will feature a murderer's row of high-tech hook-ups that will allow fans to order hot dogs and beers by phone -- and never miss a play at the plate.

    More than 1,100 high-definition TVs will be installed throughout the Stadium, ensuring that a bathroom run won't mean that you missed a triple play or a historic ALCS comeback, Cisco VP Ron Ricci told the New York Post.  Fans will one day soon be able to call up replays and alternate camera angles on their cell phones.

    "The bottom line is that when you're in the Stadium, you will always have an opportunity to watch the game," Ricci told the Post at a press conference announcing the $15-million partnership between the Yankees and Cisco Systems.

    Some of the technology won't be available when the stadium opens next season but the 59 luxury boxes will be outfitted with special touch screens to let well-heeled fans order concessions or call up video replay and alternate TV angles, according to the Post.  The stadium will be so wired that maybe one day "Derek Jeter can help some kid in the Bronx learn long division” via video conferencing, Ricci told the New York Times.

    “Take the dream of ‘Star Trek’ or other movies,” Cisco Chairman John Chambers told the Times. “That concept is where we’re going to go. It’s going to change all of sports. I don’t think I’m too bold in saying that.”