World Series eCard Fun

There is now the perfect eCard to send to any Phillies fan in your life. did it again by mixing humor with current events with their seemingly anti-Yankees eCard.

“I hope your tough, gritty, ragtag team of multi-millionaires is able to stand up to the Yankees.”

Leave it up to a free eCard to makes Phillies fans (and maybe some Bronx Bombers faithful) laugh.

The card seemed pro-Philly but the eCard could actually poke as much fun at the Phightins as the Yanks.

The card stemmed out a conversation between SomeeCards founder Brook Lundy and a friend. Lundy, who is from Lower Merion, Pa. but now cheers on his current hometown Yankees, wrote the card after his Phillies friend complained about how much the Yankees get paid.

“Payroll trash talk is like 10 years ago,” said Lundy.

The eCard entrepreneur also hears it from his father back in Philly. “He sent me a [trash talk] text at 6 a.m. the other day,” said Lundy.

This World Series is the perfect situation for a site like SomeeCards that tries to react to current events so expect plenty more eCards as the Series continues, Lundy said.

It’s great because of “the obnoxiousness of both fan bases, myself included,” Lundy joked.

The real question, though, was why a seemingly pro-Phillies card utilized a blue background.

“It’s not Yankees blue,” laughed Lundy. “That’s just the color for our sports cards.”

And, there was one eCard that both Phillies and Yankees fans can share: “Let’s get together to watch the World Series if you’re not too busy keeping a Mets fan on suicide watch.”

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