Wing Bowl Mania: “Super Squibb” is King

John Squibb, "Super Squibb", slams down 203 wings

It's glutinous. It's gratuitous. It's the wing bowl! And today, it once again takes center stage at the sold-out Wachovia center.

In past years, professional eaters dominated the wing bowl. But this year, the event is just for local, amateur contestants. Whoever eats the most chicken wings in a given time is the champ.

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WINNER:  John Squibb, "Super Squibb", with 203 wings!

 Squibb, 23, of Berlin, N.J., said he would return next year to take on three-time Wing Bowl champion Joey Chestnut. 

Professional eaters will be competing again next year.

Heading into the competition Squibb was a virtual unknown. But, he was unfazed -- rightly so -- taking down the competition.

Squibb won a mini Cooper, a $7,500 diamond ring and a crown of mini chickens.

"I had ideas of grandeur heading into it... but I never expected this," said Squibb about his win.

In second, Richard "Not Rich" Razzi ate 180 wings.

Razzi, who is homeless, is unsure if he will be returning to the competition in 2010 because he is "getting old now."

On finishing second: "It sucks to lose," he said.

Third place was a tie for Henry “Hank the Tank” Goldey of Philadelphia, PA, and Don “Da Disposal” James of Woolwich, NJ with 153 wings.

UPDATE: Round 2

  • 8:46 a.m. Obi wing pukes, rips off his shirt, then climbs under the table
  • 8:51 a.m. Frank De Fraud spews
  • Officer Beast upchucked at the very end of Round 2

Going on to the Finals:

5th: Cadillac Carrigan, 129 wings (Click here to follow his road to Wing Bowl)

4th:  Da Disposal, 141 wings

3rd: Hank the Tank, 145 wings

2nd: Not Rich, 173 wings

1st:  Super Squibb, 195 wings  

UPDATE: Round 1

  • Frank the Tank is washing down his wings with orange soda--interesting technique
  • Damaging Doug was first to complain about having too many drumsticks on his plate
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